Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personal Swap 2011 with Cackle

The last five projects I've posted all belonged to a swap with Lora (Cackle on Craftster). She saw the items I made MissingWillow and requested a boot and spell book of her own along with a few other items of my choice. I've posted each item that I sent in its own post so I don't overload one post with all the pics.

There are five items:

Witch BOO't


"Ladybird" house

Sugar Skull Mask

"Skull Bird" Earrings

I received my package this past Wednesday. She really went all out and made some wonderful things including an "Aura Detector", a "Household Dragon", silver bracelet/earring set, ornaments, and many other items. You can view the items she made in the Personal Swap Gallery on Craftster.org.

I'll have more craft swap results in a couple weeks after I finish up another swap with Crafterella. There will be another witch boot and some sewing involved in that swap.


Stephanie said...

Nice, that's really neat. If only I had the patience to do all that. Creative blog :)

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Glad you enjoy my tinkerings, doodles and ramblings, . :)


Martin Todd said...

Looved reading this thank you