Sunday, March 6, 2011

SO's Steampunk Gear

Since my sweetie and I started on accessories for our Steampunk attire, my craft room has started to resemble a salvage or junk bazaar. I've got dismantled broken clocks, bits and hunks of leather and assorted brass fixtures and thing strewn across my workspace. :) But, I can't complain. The SO is making some pretty awesome things.

My usual tendency is to re-purpose existing things I find. My scatterbrain will see something and say to myself, "Wow, that would make a great....". But, he takes a whole different approach. He likes to build what he plans out in his head. And, where I insist on functionality, he is all about the essence of the piece and his "story". I'll let you hear what each thing does from his mouth. Otherwise, I think it loses something in the translation. :)

This is an ear piece, hearing aid kinda thingy. It was the first piece he attempted and was 1 year in the making. ;) It really didn't take that long. He just kept putting it aside. :)

Then, he started on this arm, wrist watch doo-hickey. (I'm not sure what he's calling these things.) :) The clock actually still winds up and ticks, and you can push the exposed spring-loaded buttons at the bottom

He made some goggles, next. They're seen here stacked on top of an elephant mask he made for a Steampunk'd Mardi Gras party we just attended this past Friday. He's managed to cover up most of the cool details on the mask. It's a sight to see on it's own. The goggles were attached to the strap using some metal parts salvaged from the huge headphones that were attached to a device used to test hearing. I plan to use the box for a backpack in the future.

My favorite piece he has made is this top hat. I was amazed it is made from scratch. He got some help on it form a tutorial on the web. If you've explored any steampunk on the interent, I'm sure you've seen the leather top hats with the lacing up the sides all around. At the last minute he decided to attach the black strips to close up the slits instead of the lacing. I really like it.

The last thing that has come out of our workshop is this leg device. He is claiming it is a pedometer of sorts. The pressure and temp guages don't actually function. :)

He also made his suspenders and I helped him with the bow tie and a pen (not pictured). In the future he plans to make a holster for our Maverick nerf gun that I'm supposed to paint. I've already researched and performed to usual nerdy mods to improve the gun. I have a few other ideas I'd like to do to it before the final paint.

It's nice to do crafting as a team once in awhile. And, the biggest upside is that he can't complain about my overwhelming craft supply stash. 'Cuz he's using it too, now. Muhuhahaha!! ;)


Brenda, Domedweller said...

You are one creative lady!! I love the picture of the two of you together.

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Brenda. That's an honor coming from such a talented person as yourself.

I'll be posting more gear pics soon.


Connie said...

These are awesome and you guys look ADORABLE together!

The Cardboard Crafter said...

This is really neat! It must be fun for your husband to be involved in your crafty aspirations as well. I love the Steampunk style and wish I had an event to design a costume for... Maybe I'll throw a Steampunk party :)

mieljolie said...

Thanks Connie!

Hi Cardboard Crafter! I'm so elated that he and I found something to craft together. He actually chose steampunk. But, I'm all for any creative outlet. :) Love the retro look that is steampunk, too. We're slowly getting more events around here. If you do have a party, be sure to give your guests plenty of time to get a costume together. These have to be the most complicated costume to create. ;)



Unknown said...

those costumes are outrageous! i love all your husband's "gadgets". do the earpiece and watch actually work? it doesn't matter either way. they definitely make a creative statement. his hat is beautiful too. and the fact that you can work together without killing each other... that is the most impressive of all :)

mieljolie said...

Well, Michele, if you asked him if both work, he'd tell you they indeed do and start in explaining their functions. However, in "reality" the clockwork on his arm does wind up and tick, and the buttons can be pressed. But that's as far as they are functional. :)

We have our difficulties working together. Both of us are pretty stubborn. But since it's just for fun on these, we manage to cooperate well enough and keep a safe distance from each other with the sharp pointy projectiles. ;)


Anonymous said...