Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kickin' Around Some New Witch BOO't Ideas

I've begun painting a few more paper mache witch BOO't for this season. One is a commissioned boot that is to have a vintage Halloween feel. I created a concept to work out the placement. Sorry, it's a bit scribbly.

Since this boot has a lot of details, I chose a nice wide one with ample space to paint on. It's a slightly darker orange than I have worked with in the past. I'm in the process of painting on the yellow spots. Then, I'll go over it with black.

There will be essentially six scenes to be painted.
  • The left being a witch behind a cauldron with her arms up surrounded by fairy-like creatures, and
  • The right side will have a cemetery with a gate leading off to a spooky house with a witch flying by on her broom.
  • The back will have a pumpkin-headed skeleton wearing a top hat and holding a cane. Though, I believe I am going to move the cane to the opposite hand where he will lean on it.
  • The heel has been changed from the original concept above. Instead, it will have a corn shock with a devil chasing a strange veggie-like creature around it.
  • The toes will have the customary moons with faces
  • The tongue is still undecided. It may have eyes peeking out. Not sure, yet. But, there will most likely be words on the tip of the tongue.

I have another concept in the works for a small boot involving birds, cats and the moon. I'm hoping I can get these and a few others finished within a reasonable amount of time. I'm still working on a tutorial for these boots, as well. Plus, I still have some shoes over here that are half painted from last year! Wish me luck (and lots of time)!

BTW, you may be seeing a giveaway on this blog very soon! So keep an eye out! ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Self Promotion of a Different Kind

The little time I have these days for costuming, I've been squeezing in time for what I hope are improvements to my Steampunk outfits. June seemed to be all about hats. This month is awards, medals and other adornments. I'm thinking I'll promote myself to something like "inspector" or "detective lieutenant". After all, someone has to keep all these sky pirates and time bandits in check. :)

For my uniform, I made an epaulette on just one shoulder and an aiguillette-ish type thing, or braided rope on my right shoulder, with some gold cord I had picked up in a clearance bin at our hobby store. I used my macrame skills and tied a chain of square knots.

I also made three medals, so far. More accurately I should say that I reassembled these medals. All the parts were found secondhand. These are so easy to make out of all the junk jewelry parts I hoard. The metal parts were pendants and other found things. I'm even using old hat bands and ribbon scraps and some slightly used pin backs I found a bag of at a thrift store that someone evidently saved. (I love lucking out on little things like that!) I've got a few more medals just about finished. But, I think I've run out of room on my jacket. :)

The two upper ribbon/pin portions of the two on the right were found pretty much intact. The blue one in the middle was a high school band medal from Florida. I replaced the medal and attached a Boy Scout pin that reads, "Be Prepared", on the top. The far right medal was missing the lower metal pendant part. The ribbon colors of this particular one are similar to, but a reverse of, a Navy and Marine Corps Medal awarded for:

"Distinguishing oneself by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy. For acts of lifesaving, or attempted lifesaving, it is required that the action be performed at the risk of one's own life"

Yes, I was curious and looked up military awards for inspiration. I still haven't decided on the stories for how each medal I now have was earned. :)

If they look familiar, the "pips", or stars on my collar, are pins from Girl Scouts. I was a Brownie/Girl Scout for a short time when I was young. I lost my sashes and badges, but some how found these two stars in some old jewelry parts.

I also put together the above badge. It's pretty large being 3 and a half inches wide and slightly heavy. You can see me wearing it on the middle of my shirt in the pics below.

Still reworking the overskirt that matches this jacket. For now, I'm wearing this tan skirt instead. I'll post more about the jacket/skirt when I'm happier with the skirt.

We had a wonderful evening this past weekend at Marquis of Vaudeville's Musical Menagerie in Deep Ellum. Got to dress up in our fineries and listen to some great live music.

Until next post, have a crafty time!