Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkish-style vest and belt

Thought I'd get around to posting my latest can tab creations. Yay!! I'm really pleased at how they turned out. (Not so pleased at my blinding white complexion or farmer-tanned arms. Yikes!) WARNING: You may need sunglasses to view these images.

I joined another Craftster swap (gallery) and my partner expressed a desire to own a turkish vest. Well, I pondered sewing one, but our machine is still acting up. So, instead I attempted (what else?) one out of tabs.

I made a prototype in black which I thought I'd better try out for comfort. I decided to make the whole thing adjustable just about anywhere I could since I couldn't measure my partner myself and she said she'd dropped a lot of weight recently. Anyway, I wore the prototype to TRF and (to my relief) it was very comfortable.

turkish_style vest made of can tabs
turkish_style vest made of can tabs
turkish_style vest made of can tabs

Here it is with a sleeved shirt:
turkish_style vest made of can tabs
turkish_style vest made of can tabs

Then, on to my partners vest/belt set:

turkish vest in shade

turkish vest front

turkish vest back

turkish vest side

She wanted a vest that would coordinate with some turkish outfits she already had in bright pink with green and gold accents. I originally started making some armbands for another outfit she had in copper/black, but decided I should make a matching belt, instead. I would have made both, but I ran out of time. October was a crazy month for me. As you can see in the pics, I changed the style of the back of the vest a bit. However, I think I like the original back better.

Well, I hope she likes it. She really hasn't said much about it. She said she would be posting pics of it in the swap gallery soon, but I haven't seen them, yet. Still waiting to see what I will receive as well. Hope it's cool whatever it is or I want my vest/belt back! Hehe Just kiddin' :) Actually, I'm indebted to her for asking for a vest in the first place. Otherwise, I would probably never have attempted one. That would be a shame because I really like it.


Well, my partner up and flaked on me. Can you believe it!! I spent hours on that thing!! How rude! She didn't even post pics of what she received. I'm really bummed. :( But, on a good note, the moderator has found me a swap angel. So, I should get something at least before Scarby. *crosses fingers*