Saturday, April 2, 2011

Steampunk Time-Turner

For a friend's birthday SO and I made a steampunk necklace for her. I'm calling it a "time-turner" (like Hermione's in the Harry Potter series). Who wouldn't want a portable time machine? But, according to my SO, it has another function that I won't go in to here. ;)

It's almost entirely made from broken clock parts. The center piece of the pendant is a "balance wheel" that is still intact and can be animated by movement or by finger.

Various gears and other parts were used here and there. The black metal pieces spaced along the chain were brackets that I flattened out with a hammer.

The rest of the parts of the necklace were just bits, rings and chain pieces I had in my stash.

Clockwork parts are so interesting. It's amazing how all these complex shapes all go together to tell us the time. Too bad these particular parts will never tell the time again. :)

I enjoyed putting this piece together. I think I'll attempt another for myself at a later date. Though, I'm sure it will end up looking nothing like this one. I never seem to make two of the same thing very often.

Thanks for taking the "time" to check this out! Later!

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