Saturday, June 14, 2014

"Coupe de Rum" - DIY Upcycled Daiquiri Cup

I've got a few projects in the works and tutorials to finish, but I wanted to share what I think is a pretty clever idea devised for a camping event with just attended.  Nothing like giving trash a little class, ya know.

Ever found yourself out somewhere without a decent drinking vessel?  We attend a lot of events where it's easy to misplace cups.  And, they usually all look alike.  It's a good idea to have something unique that you can tell from the others and that you don't mind if it happens to walk off.  So, I thought it would be fitting to make a "Coupe" out of a rum and a water bottle.  I mean, after all, what else is more fitting to serve a daiquiri out of then a cup made from a rum bottle.  Can't make a daiquiri without rum, right?  Two things we always have plenty of at our camp...water and rum.  I suppose you could even freeze the water from the jug to use for ice.  ;)

It assembles quickly from four pieces.  And, the only tools needed were a sharp pair of scissors or knife and a permanent marker.  And, the other great part is that when your done with it, it's still completely recyclable.

Screw all the pieces together, and Voila!  You're ready to party!  :)

I even used the bottom of the water bottle to make a rimmer to coat the cup edge with salt or sugar.  Then, I decided the rimmer needed a lid, so I cut another top off of 2nd water bottle to cover it.  Worked perfectly!

Feel free to share this idea with friends.  I made a handy one image tutorial below:

In other news, I've yet to gather enough disposable plastic produce bags to make what I had planned for one of my costumes.  I must be doing something right, if I find myself needing MORE trash.  Hahaha  :D  Anyway, I will probably have another post on upcycled drinking vessels coming up.  I've got a few more designs I think might be fun.  One is kinda steampunk, I think.  Until then, keep being craftastic!