Witch BOOt Gallery

I've enjoyed making these Witch BOO'ts (and shoes) using paper mache on cereal box cardboard since a craft swap in 2008.  I hope to make many more before I'm through.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Skippy ScareCrow 2014
Skippy Scarecrow 2014 
Vampire Shoe
Vampire Shoe 2013
Pumpkin Patch Shoe
Pumpkin Patch Shoe 2013 
Pumpkin Pump
Pumpkin Pump 2012

Ogre-Hide Boot 2012 

Spider Webs 2012
Star-crossed Lovebirds
Star-crossed Lovebirds 2011
Cackle Boot
Cackle 2011
Miss Witch's Annual Party
Miss Witch's Annual Party 2011
Missing Willow
Missing Willow 2010
Bewitched 2010
Skellies and Kitties
Skellies and Kitties 2011
Nightmare 2010
A Little Batty
A Little Batty 2010
A Little Batty Minis
A Little Batty Miniatures 2010
OYP Swap
OYP Swap 2008 (1st Boot)
Crafterella 2009 (1st Small)

If you'd like to make your own boot/shoe, my tutorial is on Etsy (mieljolie) here: Witch BOO't Tutorial/Pattern.  Thanks for looking!