Friday, July 7, 2017

Crafting Update - Yes, I'm still alive!

It's been a while since I've posted some of my crafts on here.  Been busy working on new things, just finding it difficult to get pics and share them before we are off creating something else.  It really has been easier to just share WIP pics on Facebook.  THough I may contininue to post the WIP's on Facebook, I do plan to still share more elaborate posts and tutorials here.  They don't get lost as easily.

Most of what you will see on our craft tables is Harry Potter related at the moment.  (Sorry to those here for other crafting.  I will get back to other things, eventually.)  Been helping my mom make her magical creatures and also decorations for our annual parties.  Here are a few things we've been working on that I will hopefully be elaborating on more in later posts:

Improved Kreacher House Elf

We've been making improvements to the houses elves, especially Kreacher.  Really liking the expression we can get from them.  :)  We are currently working on custom eyes for them.  It is so hard to find the right eye and they can be crazy expensive. (like $20 a pair!)  The tutorial that I've been promising for so long is still just nearly finished.  The eyes, and face in general, are what is keeping it from being available.  I hate to share it and then change what we do.  This not only confuses user, it makes it frustrating for me to have to keep track of the versions. But, when we are satisfied with them, we will be sharing our techniques.

Fantastic Beast Planner/Journal/Coloring Book...and other items

This was a huge undertaking for a craft swap.  I decided to try it because my mom and sis also wanted one to use.  It was a lot of fun researching planner.  I still would like to make some changes and add more things.  We are thinking of making an HP themed one, too.  I'm sharing the pages I created for those who would like them.  Just ask.  I will add a link to the post coming up.

Various Papercrafts

Like the MACUSA Wand Permit bookmark included in the pic of the FB Journal Swap, I've been making some random printed props.  Improved our Chocolate Frog box and Wizard Card Template as well as redesigning the bottom of our Bertie Box and a new Eyelops Owl Treat box for our tiny macrame Hedwigs.  These are great for our parties as well as to add to swaps and along with purchases of our creatures.  We never know what little extra tidbit we will throw in on a whim.  :)

Future plans include more magical creatures.  First up will most likely be a Murtlap and a revisit on our Doxies to look more like the FB movie version.  Somewhere in there I will also be trying to make new costuming for faire and add some new improvements to our Yurt.  Wish me time and luck!  :)