Monday, August 5, 2013

Going to great lengths for crafting supplies

I never seem to have enough binding.  Of course I could always cut my own, but I'm always looking for ways to avoid that. Then, I came across a shoe box full of tape measures at the swap meet this past weekend.  This was a total impulse buy.  Not sure it will actually work for a binding.  Being pretty stiff and not cut on the bias, they will most likely be difficult to maneuver around tight corners.  So, now I turn to my crafty friends to help me make use of them.

There are two different styles.  One one the numbers are vertical, while on the other they are horizontal.  And, they are oddly folded over and stitched so that it's double-sided.

I've been wanting to sew a corset for some time now, and I originally thought this would be great to bind the edge.  But, maybe it would be better suited to trim a skirt hem?  Guess I'd know the exact yardage of a 20 yard skirt.  :)  Whatcha think?

Any other ideas what to use them for??  I've got WAY more than I can use.  There's about 100 yard long tapes in the box.  I don't think there is any way I can use them all, even if I tried.  Please help a crazy crafter out.  I'd love to hear any thoughts.   :)