Monday, March 28, 2011

Birds or Skulls?

This was an unusual project inspired by a tutorial I found at michele made me. She used clear plastic packaging covered in packing tape to create some adorable greenhouses. I decided to try drawing on the plastic with sharpies before applying the tape. It was difficult at this tiny size of a little over 3/4 inch tall.

My craft swap partner collects skulls, but warned me that she can be pretty picky due to the number she's already acquired. I wanted to make skull items that she would not already have anything similar to. :) So, when I decided to put some little birds in the house/cages, these birds were not going to be ordinary birds. If you look at the one on the left facing backward in the pic above, you'll see what looks like a skull on it's back. The one on the right shows the birds profile. It creates a kind of illusion. They dangle from swings on chains inside made with bent paperclips.

This is the last of the items I made my swap partner. Thanks for lookin'!


The Cardboard Crafter said...

I love these! I especially like the birds or skulls illusion. It makes the gift more personal, and I bet your partner will love them :)

Viki Banaszak said...

These are awsome! I liked all the projects you did. You are so creative :)

mieljolie said...

Thanks, again, BR! You are very kind. I wasn't sure how these would turn out when I started. I'm glad you like them.


Unknown said...

oh my! these are so lovely! glad you were able to use this tutorial and give it your own spin... so cool! would it be alright if I featured these sometime soon on my blog? I would of course link to your blog and to this post.

do let me know, and happy crafting!


mieljolie said...

I'd be honored, Michele!

Feel free to share. I really enjoy visiting your blog. You post such wonderfully clever projects. Thanks so much for dropping in and for sharing the awesome tutorial that inspired me.


lisbonlioness said...

You have got to be kidding me. These are the best. Earrings. Ever. I haven't even seen the rest of your blog yet, but consider me a fan and your newest follower. Did I mention these are the best earrings ever? I honestly can't believe my eyes, you really nailed it, girl.

mieljolie said...

Welcome, lisbonlioness! Happy you like my tinkerings. Feel free to have a look around.