Friday, November 5, 2010

The Lowdown on the Steampunk Drink Dispensing Bustle

I had a request to show the drink dispensing bustle I wore with my Halloween Steampunk costume. I discussed it briefly here. I warn you, it isn't pretty. I was short for time and it is nothing but functional at this point. :)

Here is a close up of what the cutoffs would look like under the lacing of the corset:

All that could be seen of the dispenser was the cutoff knobs, bicycle pump and a tiny bit of hose. Well, and my larger than normal bum. I know, it wasn't very steampunk of me to hide everything. You'll see the reason I chose to conceal most of it under my outfit in a sec. :)

There are three cutoffs shown. Though I had only two functioning for this maiden voyage. The third was to be an air tube for weapons and other gadgets. But, after testing the tanks for weight problems on my back, I may just add a third tank!

The bicycle pump pushes air to all three cutoffs. But, air will only continue through the open valves. So, I had to remember shut all but the one I wanted to use. For wine, this air then travels to the tanks in back pushing down on the liquid in the tank and pushing it up through the dispensing hose that ends on my left hip. The water is the same, except that it ran through the right sleeve of my dress. I will eventually have a water gun attached to that one.

All together I had about $30 in the whole setup including the dresses. The brass cutoffs were the most expensive parts at about $6 each! I used 1/4" tubing and garden sprinkler parts for most of the inner workings. The hose connectors on the tanks are actually gold plated coaxial cable connectors that I found. I had to melt out the plastic to use them. I don't condone using unapproved parts of unknown origins, but I'm not using this everyday. And, most of the parts do not come in contact with the liquid in the containers. I made my own "O" rings out of wide rubber bands. It worked really good to seal the connectors.

I was really please with the results of this project. After a few minor improvements, I may make a smaller version as a regular accessory for my ren garb. ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Steampunk-style

Yay! I barely got my steampunk Halloween costume wearable in time. But, I finally did manage to finished the tabistry underbust corset and a mini top hat I'd had planned for my outfit (see my post on my tabistry blog for more info on the corset and mini top hat). But then, I went and forgot to bring my shoulder straps for the corset with me. Darn it! We had a blast, though. Yes, I know we attended a "renaissance" festival, but it was Halloween and pretty much anything goes for Halloween weekend.

For those of you who don't know the details of my evil plan. I hid two 2 liter tanks (wine and water) under my bustle and created a drink dispenser . I had cutoffs (shown in the first pic) poking out between my corset laces on my front. I just switch to the tank I want and pump my bicycle air pump (seen above on my right hip) to dispense. It worked like a dream until the connection to my pump broke midday. I went back to camp for a quick repair and tank refill. I also had two extra large pockets on each side that carried soda bottles for the others. I used, what else but, can tabs to create a half length cage bustle frame that covered the tanks to keep the shape right..

I had a third cutoff that was an air line, to power a future weapons and gadgets like a fan blade parasol. Maybe next time I'll have some weapons to play with. Muwahahaha...!!