Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Steampunk Gadgets, so far

I've been slowly getting some accessories made for my own steampunk outfit. My gadgets aren't nearly as unique as my SO's stuff. Below are a few I've managed to fit in between my other craft projects.

This unassuming arm bracer is actually sporting my revamped Secret Strike Nerf Dart gun. Every steampunk'r needs a weapon, right? I didn't want anything that would be too obnoxious and bulky to lug around. So, I opted for discretion and concealment. :)

The gun is removable from the bracer. I haven't had the SS gun very long, but didn't want to take a chance that it would break and need to be replaced.

I've sorta chain-stitched the gun to the bracer. There is a hook on the back end that the last loop attached to secure it. My SO should get the credit for assisting me with this project. All those rivets are a bear to get attached. He also did the stitching.

I removed the housing of the stock SS before painting it. It didn't really serve any purpose as far as functionality. I also changed out the regular darts for an off brand of chalk darts that I'm storing in clear floral tubes. They leave your choice of pink or blue dots on your victims. I used a little rub and buff to cover the red and blue tips on the darts. Red is now gold, and blue is silver. (Please note that these darts do not work in regular Nerf guns.)

I mentioned in my previous post that I made my sweetie a pen. Below is the results. This last outing, I stole his tool pouch, so ended up with the pen, too. :)

If you can't tell, it's a solder gun that had broke. Makes a great pen barrel. With the screw in the tip, it could also be a potential mechanical pencil.

One last item I had time to make was a reworked bottle. It's an existing bottle that I added a brass candle holder to. I used silicone to seal the neck before covering in suede leather scrap leftover from one of SO's projects. :) It holds liquid successfully. Yay! I probably won't use it for fluids, however. I will most likely store candy or something in it. I'm thinking nerds, pop rocks or tic tacs. Hmm...

I added a small chain to the champagne cork topper, so I won't lose the cork. I'm planning to replace the gold key rings holding the bottle to the chain, as soon as I find more large brass wire to make some rings with.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope I've inspired someone to attempt their own gadgets. Don't forget to check out my SO's Steampunk Gear at:



The Cardboard Crafter said...

I love the costumes and accessories. I posted a link to your two Steampunk posts on my blog post Steampunk: Even Cooler than it Sounds. Maybe it will get you some more traffic, as that is one of the most viewed posts I have. :)

mieljolie said...

Cardboard Crafter, I'm honored that our outfits are link worthy. :) I've been following your blog recently and like the writing style of your posts.



niina said...

Hi there! Your blog is really cool! I love the steampunk outfit. And I also am amazed all the great harry potter- things you've made. Talking about those witch shoes. I want to make some of those too!

mieljolie said...

Hello, Niina! I'm lucky to be blessed with lots of crafting time these last few years. I hope it continues for awhile longer. :)

I'm trying to have a witch boot tutorial up on before Halloween this year. If I manage to, it will be found on

Thanks so much for checking out my work and commenting!