Monday, November 3, 2014

Some Action Shots of Our DIY Yurt

This past weekend was the last of TRF for us.  Rather sad, but can't wait for next year.  So much fun!  As I promised, I took some action shots of the yurt with it's new table, stools and shelves.

Here is the current setup.  We store our food under the new table with a plastic trash bag over the crate.  The stack of crates on the far right was used as a small trash.  All utensils and other equipment fit nicely in the others.

The shelf hangs from the top of the yurt wall from two ropes.  And, each shelf has notches that rest on knots in the rope.  I will eventually replace this yellow rope with a better one.  I'd like to make another set for the other side of the door.

We set our propane stove on another crate stool or two.  When I was editing the photos I thought the pattern of light the sun made from the top crown opening was kinda neat.  You can also see the white and red dots that shine through the canvas.

Here is the yurt with the walls removed.  We've found that it's best to put the roof canvas on first and take it off last.  This way we get more light but can pack and unpack in the shade. (Many breaks were taken under the shade while working.)  :)  And, yes, everything fit nicely right inside the Jeep with us.

I'd really like to figure out a better bed setup.  I'm thinking I may use some shorter soda crates to elevate our bed off the ground, but also allow us to stack or rearrange it out of the way during the day.  During nice weather we've just been sleeping on the floor where we placed stacks of carpet padding under the carpet for cushion.  It's okay, but probably not good for rainy camping.

Well, that's it, I think.  I'll be posting Harry Potter stuff soon.  We've got an elaborate 2nd year party planned for later this month.  So much to do!