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My family and I have really enjoyed recreating items from the Harry Potter Book/Movie Series.  There were so many wonderful magical objects and creatures.  We've even started hosting Hogwart's themed parties each year since my daughter's 11th birthday.  We plan to continue them up until her seventh year.  We still have many more items we'd like to recreate, but here are some we have made in the past in order by Hogwart's book/movie school year.

SPOILER ALERT WARNING!!!!:  If there is any chance you haven't read all the books or seen all the movies do not continue on!

First Year:
Hogwart's Letter
The letter from Hogwart's is the 1st object Harry receives from the Magical World and probably the one item every fan dreams of receiving.
Hedwig Macrame Owls
Harry's owl was a gift from Hagrid in the Sorcerer's Stone.  She delivers Harry's first broom which was a gift from Prof. McGonagall.
Arriving at Hogwart's, student luggage is left at the entrance.  My sis painted crests on some of the trunks and suitcase we've accumulated.

Wand Hairsticks
Snape and Malfoy show us their wands for the first time in the Sorcerer's Stone.  Many of the wands change from movie to movie.
Slytherin House Scarf
This was the original wide-banded design of the House scarves in the first two Harry Potter movies.
Hogwart's Plaque
There are many versions of the Hogwart's Crest.  The one used on this wall plaque is a variation including parts from a few that we liked.
Hogwart's Feasts
Hogwart's Great Hall is where wondrous elaborate feasts are served to Begin/End Terms, as well as Halloween and other special occasions.
Floating Candles
The Great Hall ceiling looks like the sky outside.  No party would be complete without floating candles above the dinner table.
Sorting Hat
When student arrive for their first dinner in the Great Hall, a talking witch hat sorts them into their school house.  We made a hat that talkss!
Levitating Feather Charm
In  a Charms lesson students learn the spell "Wingardium Leviousa".  We taught our students how to master this simple trick.
Hagrid's Cake
Discovering he is a wizard, Harry is given a birthday cake baked and decorated by Hagrid, Keeper of Grounds & Keys at Hogwart's.
Chocolate Frogs and Boxes
Chocolate frogs are a favorite among students on the trolley aboard the Hogwart's Express.  We used a simple recipe to make our own.
Wizard Cards
Harry's Chocolate frog may have escaped, but he gets his first Wizard Card, Albus Dumbledore.  These are a fun and easy project to make.
Bertie Bott's Beans
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans are a must have at any Hogwart's party and so easy to put together.
Snapes's Potion Riddle
Completely left out of the Films, the Trio have to solve Snape's potion riddle for Harry to proceed through the Forbidden Corridor.
School Brooms
Harry is the first student in more than a century to make the Quidditch team his first year.  McGonagall buys him an expensive Nimbus 2000.

Quidditch Trunk
The Balls used in Quidditch are stored in a large trunk.  This is my sis's replica of the one seen in Sorcerer's Stone.
2nd Year:
Petunia's Pudding Cake
Harry's Aunt makes a pudding to impress one of Vernon's clients that ends up on the companies head thanks to a little "help".
The first house elf to appear in the movies. He "helps" Harry throughout his school years. Did you know some of his parts were given to Neville in the movies?
Flying Car
Arthur Weasley charms their Ford Angler to fly.  The car is used by Hary and Ron to get to Hogwart's in their 2nd year before the car runs wild in the Forbidden Forrest.
Cornish Pixies
Prof. Lockhart introduced Cornish Pixies in Defense Against the Dark Arts Class in the Chamber of Secrets. We also get glimpses of them in later movies.
Re-potting Mandrakes
Prof. Sprout's Herbology class repots mandrakes that are stewed to unpetrify those attacked by the Basilisk.  We made them edible to revive our petrified students.
Denoming the Garden
We created a gnome toss game inspired by the twins showing Harry how to degnome a garden at the Burrow (in the book and game).
Golden Gnome Angel
In the 6th book, the twins stun a gnome and decorate it gold to use as a tree topper on their Christmas tree.
Dueling Club Game
Prof. Lockhart starts a Dueling Club at Hogwart's where students can practice dueling spells and techniques.  We let our student's test their own skills.
Polyjuice Potion Shakes
Harry, Ron and Hermione take about a month to create this complicated potion to find out who is behind the opening of the Chamber of Secrets.
Cauldrons and Stands
Standing cauldrons are seen throughout the movies, especially in potions class.  Hermione uses one to brew polyjuice.
Aragog's Cobweb Maze
Harry and Ron follow spiders into the Forbidden Forrest to find out what Hagrid has to do with the Chamber of Secrets.  Our student explored Aragog's cobweb maze to retrieve ingredients for Prof. Snape.
Skele-Gro Bottle
After Prof. Lockhart "heals" Harry's broken arm, he is rushed to the hospital wing for this potion.  Dobby beats the bottle over his head as punishment.
3rd Year:
Monster Book of Monsters
Hagrid's first year as a teacher at Hogwart's he requires students to purchase this destructive book for Care of Magical Creatures Class.  My sis made an adorable furry box!
Divination Class
One of the 3rd year classes where Prof. Trelawney enjoys predicting eminent doom while students drink tea and peer into crystal balls in a room heavily laden with smoke from incents.
4th Year:
Unity Scarf
This scarf was seen in the Goblet of Fire. Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas wear them to watch the second task.  This one was knitted on a homemade loom.
Pumpkin Pasties
Though never seen, Cho Chang orders a Pumpkin Pasty off the Hogwart's Express Trolley.  This is what we think they should look and taste like.
Spell Streams
When Harry and Voldemort face off in the graveyard their red/green spell streams are connected.  Our students duel with their own streamer wands.
5th Year:
More House Elves
In the Order of the Phoenix we meet Kreacher at Grimmald Place.  Dobby doesn't appear again until Deathly Hallows - Part 1.
Death Eater Mask
Voldemort's skull masked followers appear in the graveyard in Goblet of Fire.  They didn't acquire unique metal-like masks until the Order of the Phoenix.
Eater Eggs
For an Easter Contest I entered some Death Eater inspired eggs.
Blood Quill
The Blood Quill was used by Professor Delores Umbridge as a form of punishment in The Order of the Phoenix.
6th Year:
Pygmy Puffs
Fred and George sell cuddly Pygmy Puffs bred from Puffskeins in the Half Blood Prince.  Ginny's pet Arnold is with her on the train.
Though never actually appearing in the movies, we made an attempt at what a puffskein might look like.
Potion Ingredient Game & Bottles
Prof. Slughorn had many interesting potion bottles in his apothecary in the Half-blood Prince.
7th Year:
Deathly Hallows Necklace
This is a replica of gold pendant Mr Lovegood wore to the wedding.

Need to add:
1st Year - ClassesHog Head Pitcher, Hand Carved Wands, 1st Year Scarf
2nd - Lockhart QuizPixie Hunt & Cage, Prefect/Head Boy/Girl Badges
3rd - Dementor Hands & MaskPumpkin Juice,
4th - Yule Ball Faux Ice Sculpture, Golden Egg, Grindylow, Ministry of Magic Tri-Wizard BannerStainglass Mermaid in Prefects' BathroomMad Eye's Magical Eye, The Goblet of Fire,
5th - DoxiesEducations Decree ProclamationsUmbridge Kitty PlatesMinistry of Magic Prophecy Balls, Nifflers
6th - Weasleys' Products, Quibbler/Spectre Specs, Potion Bottles/Labels,
Pickett (and Stickett), Fairies,

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