Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More of Mr Sam's Leather Hats

Here is another of Mr. Sam's steampunk leather hats.  This one was made specially for a friend who'd requested one over a year ago. 

He'd promised to make her a hat, but had a difficulty finding inspiration on what style to make. Then, she'd purchased a dress just before the Steampunk Invasion of TRF, and we brainstormed what would look nice with it without being too frilly.  After that, the hat came together fairly quickly.

While he was finishing up, I started planning a hat box to store it in.  Sorry, I forgot to get some better pics of the box. It's pieced together out of cereal box carboard, paper mached, covered in tissue paper and painted, much like the cardboard hats I've posted about in the past. I lined the inside with gold satin with a bit of padding to protect the hat. There is a decorative gear on the center top.

Yeah, I've been goofing around with photoshop, again.  I'm looking for new ways to antique photos.  There are so many effects to be tried.

I helped decorate the hat by making a quick hatband with bow and feathers.  The hatband is removable by velcro, so she can change it up to suit her style.  And the bow and feathers were just pinned on.  This way it will fit in the smaller box when packed away.


I think it looks great on her with her dress. Hope she gets a lot of enjoyment and compliments from it.

We had to buy a fairly large piece of leather for this, and there was a big brand on one section that he decided to incorporate into a tall top hat.  Here is Mr. Sam, himself, in his "Onery Abe" hat.  I think the brim still needs a bit of shaping.  It's a softer leather.  I've heard boiling it might stiffen it, but I think adding a casing with wire in it might be better.  He also has plans to make a few more hats and other things with the leftover leather when he gets inspired again. 

Thanks for looking.  Feel free to stop by anytime!  I'll try to have some new stuff up.

A Pretty Pink Present for Barbie

Carol from Cay's Creations sent a most wonderful gift for my daughter and I awhile back!   I've been waiting to post about this glamourous outfit for Barbie until her brand new site (www.cayscreations.com) was up and running.  So, here it is!


She sent us a top, skirt and shrug/stoll.  (The top is strapless.  The straps in the pic were painted on.  Daughter chose the doll and dressed her for our photo shoot.)  It's a three piece set that can be mixed and matched.  The stoll almost has a kimono look to it. 

If you've ever played with Barbies growing up, or have kids who do, you'll know how hard it is to find decent clothes for them.  Nowaday, it seems you have to buy the whole doll to get a pretty dress.  And they usually aren't made to last long.  I've even found some that wear sewn on!  No fun at all.   I can remember back when I was young.  I traded a friend for a red velvet dress her grandmother had made for her.  She didn't appreciate it like I did, I guess.  And, though I no longer own it (it was aquired by my younger cousins), it was gorgeous and one of my most precious doll accessories I ever owned.  This is one reason I think its so great that Carol is offering handmade doll clothes.  Her craftsmanship and attention to details is spot on!  In a world of disposable everything, it's nice to see items made to be cherished.

 And, the really neat part is the top is reversible from metallic silver to pink satin.

Daughter loved the outfit.  However, I fear this doll is now showing up all the others in their nicest evening dress.  ;)  If you enjoy Barbies or have a daughter, or other family member, who does, please go check her site out!  It's at www.cayscreations.com.  Enjoy!  And, thank you so much, Carol.