Saturday, March 26, 2011

Art Nouveau Inspired Witch Boo't

Yes, it's yet another paper mache witch BOO't to add to the series. This one was created for a craft swap. Knowing this and a couple other swaps would be coming up, I started a stash of boots back at the beginning of this year with the help of my mom and daughter. I took progress pics as we worked to use in an upcoming tutorial. So, you will be seeing many more boots on my blog before October arrives.

my partner liked Art Nouveau style. So, I thought I'd try something a little different with this boot. I did many new things including cutting away parts to make windows, adding brown to the color scheme, texturing the brown parts with tissue paper, lacing the ribbon with beetle beads, and using a transfer technique to apply a few of the images like the lettering and the images repeated on a spellbook cover.

There is a witch reaching up to a swarm of luna moths on one side and a rabbit next to a caulron on one side. There are also moths and lady bugs on the heal and tongue. I glues cardboard leaves around the cutout frames. It also has a hand-painted polymer clay spider hanging on the toe and three beetles on the laces.

Above it a close up of the beetles laced into the ribbon to give the appearance of wings, which I did one other time on a different boot. Most of the imagery is hand-painted. Though, as I mentioned, I did use a transfer technique using nail polish remover to apply the praying mantis and luna moths to the corner cutouts and to apply the lettering for "Cackle" to the tongue, which was inspired by an old vintage postcard.

Later I will be posting about the matching spell book that I made to go with the boot. There are be five items total that I created for this swap. So, stay tuned for item #2, which will cover something that is also witchy.

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