Friday, July 7, 2017

Crafting Update - Yes, I'm still alive!

It's been a while since I've posted some of my crafts on here.  Been busy working on new things, just finding it difficult to get pics and share them before we are off creating something else.  It really has been easier to just share WIP pics on Facebook.  THough I may contininue to post the WIP's on Facebook, I do plan to still share more elaborate posts and tutorials here.  They don't get lost as easily.

Most of what you will see on our craft tables is Harry Potter related at the moment.  (Sorry to those here for other crafting.  I will get back to other things, eventually.)  Been helping my mom make her magical creatures and also decorations for our annual parties.  Here are a few things we've been working on that I will hopefully be elaborating on more in later posts:

Improved Kreacher House Elf

We've been making improvements to the houses elves, especially Kreacher.  Really liking the expression we can get from them.  :)  We are currently working on custom eyes for them.  It is so hard to find the right eye and they can be crazy expensive. (like $20 a pair!)  The tutorial that I've been promising for so long is still just nearly finished.  The eyes, and face in general, are what is keeping it from being available.  I hate to share it and then change what we do.  This not only confuses user, it makes it frustrating for me to have to keep track of the versions. But, when we are satisfied with them, we will be sharing our techniques.

Fantastic Beast Planner/Journal/Coloring Book...and other items

This was a huge undertaking for a craft swap.  I decided to try it because my mom and sis also wanted one to use.  It was a lot of fun researching planner.  I still would like to make some changes and add more things.  We are thinking of making an HP themed one, too.  I'm sharing the pages I created for those who would like them.  Just ask.  I will add a link to the post coming up.

Various Papercrafts

Like the MACUSA Wand Permit bookmark included in the pic of the FB Journal Swap, I've been making some random printed props.  Improved our Chocolate Frog box and Wizard Card Template as well as redesigning the bottom of our Bertie Box and a new Eyelops Owl Treat box for our tiny macrame Hedwigs.  These are great for our parties as well as to add to swaps and along with purchases of our creatures.  We never know what little extra tidbit we will throw in on a whim.  :)

Future plans include more magical creatures.  First up will most likely be a Murtlap and a revisit on our Doxies to look more like the FB movie version.  Somewhere in there I will also be trying to make new costuming for faire and add some new improvements to our Yurt.  Wish me time and luck!  :)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pixie Kits Are Available Again...and with Fabric Choices!

With the positive response we've had to the Pixie Kits, we've decided to add options for different fabric choices!

Recently we had some difficulty locating our preferred fabric, Alova Suede Cloth, in the proper colors for pixies.  Our supply got so low we ended up having to take down our kit listing to keep enough in stock for orders.  But alas, I have good news!  We managed to locate a new source.  And, with all the different fabrics we've been experimenting with as alternatives, we thought we would offer up some of our favorites to you.

We really like how adorable these guys look in Minky Cuddle.  It's a super soft and fuzzy fabric that comes in many colors that is pretty easy to sew with.  Kids will love to hug and squeeze stuffed creatures made from this stuff.  It can be a bit pricey for the Shannon brand compared to others and cheaper options like polar fleece, but it is worth the extra cost.  It will hold its shape better then fleece.  We are still searching for a slightly darker blue between the two pictured here.

We also tried a few other types of suede cloth with varying results.  There are so many types of suede cloth out there.  Be sure you are getting one that is fairly sturdy and doesn't fray.  We also tried a knit velour.  We really like this fabrics very subtle stretch.  It holds its shape well and keeps the legs and arms slim on the pixies, while still not wrinkling around curves.  However, it is a little frustrating to sew with.  It has a tendency to crawl a bit.  We also weren't as thrilled with it's faded blue color.  Hoping to find this in a slightly brighter blue.

Would love to hear what you think of the new color combos.  Still having delays on the House Elf Tutorial.  Thank you all for the patience.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More Magical Creatures Inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Since the Fantastic Beasts movie and our 4th year party, my mom and I have been working on a bunch of new Harry Potter creatures including nifflers, bowtruckles and grindylows.  If you've been following my facebook craft page (, you may have seen a few of these.

Here is the latest bendy posable Pickett the Bowtruckle and a test Niffler.  Still working on a 2nd attempt at a Grindylow.  We found a neat fabric for him.  Just waiting for mom to sew the head and arms on.  But, we've really been enjoying making a new simpler kid friendlier version of our house elves and pixies.

Mom has been wanting to make an attempt a knee hugging "house elf on a shelf" dolls for quite a while now.  So, this past holiday we finally made one.  He turned out so cute, we are planning to offer them in our Etsy store year round, soon.

We are calling them Teacup House Elves due to this photoshoot we did with one.

They are much smaller and simpler in construction and stand a mere 10" compared to the 14-18" jointed elves.

We were having fun and tried a Winky and Kreacher, too.

We got to thinking this might be a good kid option for pixies, too.  We're calling these Pocket Pixies because they are smaller than the jointed or mobile ones.  (Even managed to alter the removable wings to attach with velcro instead of pinbacks.)

Then, to test her improving skills, mom had to try to make them as small as possible!

And, man were they tiny.  As frustrating as they were, I don't think she will make these again anytime soon, but it is adorable.  :)

At less than 4" tall, it is the smallest doll we have successfully attempted.  She may try another small two-toned jointed one later.

That's it for this post.  Hope to have many more new crafts the next go round.  Until then, keep on being crafty!