Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mini Macrame Owls

For a personal swap I finished for my sister, my mom and I made some tiny macrame "hedwig" owls. One is a keychain holding a broom. The other is an adjustable necklace holding a letter.

Macrame Owl

Macrame Owl

Macrame Owl

When we were young my mom once made some similar owls into pins that we gave out to relatives and teachers. She was inspired by the large owl wall hangings popular in the 70's. At that time she used toothpicks and cotton kite string. I can still remember how cute thet turned out.


Creepy_Creations said...

Oh cool, you posted them! Thank you so much, I love them! I had such a fun time with the swap, I am ready for round 2!! I already have some more ideas.


urban craft said...

Oh, I love your little owls. They are everywhere these days. I need to add some to my list of projects.

Shawn said...

Make your own handmade macrame owl patterns!
Sharing some more macrame owl patterns!