Tuesday, September 25, 2012

IMMOBULUS!! - Pesky Pixie Problems Solved

Yep, our house is infested with cornish pixies, again! 

We've had a couple requests to make a few more pixies inspired by the Harry Potter books/movies, so we got to making some improvements while we were at it.  We'd been having some frustrations with the eyes and wings.  We chose to use two colors of Alova Suede Cloth for the bodies.  We made a few minor alterations to the hands, feet and body shapes and decided to use fabric covered wire for the antennae.  The eyes were the most trouble. We couldn't find any more of the acrylic ones we had used in the past.  Then, just recently we discovered a fabric store that sells the larger 19 and 21 mm eyes. But, they were only in brown. So, I ended up using the dremel tool to grind off the brown irises as best I could. I found the 21mm were easier to remove completely.

She cut all the pieces and sewed them together while I helped to turn them, attach the eyes, stuff and hand sew up the opening.  Then, she attached the jointed arms and legs while I sewed on the heads and made them each wings.  So happy to have figure out some wings for these!  And, they are so simple!  I'll get to that more in a bit.   First, here's a pic of each one.  (Of course, they each turned out different as usual.)

Pixie #1 - Wizzopuff 

Pixie #2 - Fizzbang

Pixie #3 - Dizzleboom

Can you believe these were all made from the exact same pattern?!  :D  We haven't given them names, yet.  Daughter just helped named them for us.  Now, for those WINGS!

I made several attempts at them with different materials trying to come up with a light-weight wing that light would pass through.  You may remember  glimps of my glue on wire attempt back here.  I've also tried cellophane, tissue paper, mod podge, tulle and something called "Press and Seal". Each one had different plusses and minuses.

But the best wings I came up with were made with packing tape and a laser copy. It's an image transfer technique I've experimented with a long while back. The wings seem just barely stiff enough not to need wire support.  I made two separarte pieces for the upper and lower wings. And sandwiched a pin back between them. I'm still working to conceal the pinbacks a little better. 

That's all for now!  Mom also experimented with some more polar fleece and even flannel pixies that I will post more about a little later along with an eye experiment.  You may not hear from me for a while, though.  We've got a few events coming up this next month.  But, I'll be back in full on crafting mode in November.

UPDATE:  Now you can own one of our pixies or make some using our Cornish Pixie Pattern/Tutorial available in my Etsy store (mieljolie).


BunnyJean said...

I am desperate to make one of these superb pixies for my two Harry Potter mad children - I've been to download the original doll pattern but I'm having trouble working out how to attach the head (I'm not very experienced at sewing toys) and so I hoped that you might be able to send me the adapted pattern please? We would be extremely grateful. online@fancyface.co.uk

hollie cartwright said...

Hello. Do you take orders for this item?

mieljolie said...

Hi, Hollie! Don't really take orders, but we did make a few extra here lately. We're also working on some smaller 8" tall pixies my sis requested. The original ones are about 12" tall. Message me at the email in my profile or on facebook for more info.


Kristine said...

These are the CUTIEST pixies I have ever seen! I love them. I found the poppet pattern, but honestly your adapted version of these look so different. I am great with patterns just not at adjusting them myself. Any chance you would be able to email me your adapted pattern? I would really appreciate it.


Thank you SO much.

mieljolie said...

Hello Kristine. Unfortunately we've made so many variations of the pixies to get the best version, and are still making small alterations to the pattern. My mom is even now at this moment making smaller ones more like the more recent silvery movie versions. And, most of our pattern pieces are currently in paper form. I'll need to set down for a bit to condense what we have and make them digital. I'll post when I have something to share.


Anonymous said...

Hey do you have a pattern? Can I get you to email that to me? Would love it!!!! kjsmart21@gmail.com

mieljolie said...

The original "poppet" pattern that these were based on is available at: http://ghilie.wordpress.com/tutorials

Anonymous said...

Have you digitized and posted the new pattern yet?
if so, please post a link!

Miss Dawne said...

I would love to make these for my daughter's graduation party, but I can't find the pattern....do you have suggestions? We would make about 4...thanks!!! Dawne

Melanie said...

If you get the new smaller pattern digitized, please send me a copy. I will pay for the trouble. melyen at yahoo dot com

Macayla said...

Hi! I am helping make a Harry Potter themed nursery as a service project and I was wondering if you could send me the pattern! If you have a bigger and smaller size, I would like both please! That would be so awesome!! Thank you!!


These are super cute by the way!!!!

Amy M said...

Hello! I absolutely love your pixies and house elf. Do you sell the dolls? I would be willing to purchase them for a Harry Potter party I'm doing for my daughter's 13th birthday in October. I saw the pattern for the house elf, but I have never made a doll and I don't think I'll have the time to figure it out.


Alexandra said...

I am about to welcome my first niece, and my SIL is a HUGE potter fan, do you currently sell these little guys or have a pattern? I would love to have some for the nursery!
Thanks for your time!

Holly Twaddell said...

Any chance I can purchase pre made pixies? I stink at sewing! Hoping you had a pixie shop! LOL!

mieljolie said...

Sorry to take so long to get an answer, but we are working hard to make more pixies, as well as gnomes and elves, and get the pattern/tutorial ready by this fall. We are currently running one last test of the pattern and making a few final edits. We added a tail nub to the pixie and are cleaning up some lines. I will be posting about the status and new and improved pixies very soon. (Hopefully within the week!)

Thank you so much for the interest in them!

Cheryl said...

My daughter is expecting her first baby and she is planning a Harry Potter nursery. I think pixies would make a wonderful mobile. I cannot wait until you release the pattern but I would also be interested in already made pixies if you would consider an order.

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!

Alexandra said...

I cannot wait! I have no idea ho to sew, so I would love to purchase ready made pixies, if those won't be available, then I guess its time I get over my fear and try :)! Thank you for the update!

Heather said...

I would love either your updated pattern or, even more so, the finished pixies! Please email me - these are so cute and exactly what I was looking for!!!
Heather - foxdenbooks@gmail.com

mieljolie said...

Just realized I neglected to comment that the pixie tutorial did finally get finished. You can find it on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/249880839/how-to-make-cornish-pixies-pdf-tutorial