Monday, July 4, 2011

Evolution of Pygmy Puffs

Since the first mention of pygmy puffs in the Harry Potter series, we've had to try making one. Okay. I mean a few. :) I thought it would be entertaining to share our progression since the first one.

In order from left to right meet "Nibbles", "Lolo" (Nintendo nod) and last, but not least, Ginny's "Arnold". They were all made using knitting looms. And, these pygmy puffs are unique in that they are hollow with an opening to hide things in. We added hair clips inside each one that poke through the knit to clip them to our shoulders. I started with the largest one, Nibbles, which was created on the Blue KK loom. Nibbles is the only one with an opening at the mouth, which makes him have an adorable frightened or surprised expression. The eyes are just large black beads. You can read about him and and a puffskein I made for a HP swap here.

Lolo, which was originally called "Arnold", was second puff. I made him after the 6th movie "HP and the Half Blood Prince" came out in theatres. He's has had a facelift since (before) then because I wanted to create a body more like what was in the 6th movie. Then, I read somewhere about brushing yarn to make it more hairy. So, we changed out the face on Lolo for large eyes at the daughter's request and put the polymer clay face on the new and improved Arnold.

Arnold and Lolo were both knitted on our DIY flexible loom which is much smaller and finer than the KK loom. The polymer clay face has glass beads embedded for eyes and is glued in place. Daughter thinks he looks kinda mean. Even the Arnold in the movie was not quite as cute as we had imagined by the description in the book.

My daughter and I are kinda partial to Nibbles, our first puff. Guess it's sentimental. When we go to the final movie, she wants to escort Nibbles and I get Arnold perched on my shoulder. Which leaves Lolo for Grandma. :) So, which one do you prefer?

This will probably be my final Harry Potter themed post before the movie comes out. Hope you've enjoyed them. If I have some time to tinker with the Cornish Pixie wings some more, I'll post my results. I've got several projects I need to get moving on. And, it's just about time for me to start painting some more witch boots.

And now, back to our normally scheduled crafting! :D


Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

These little guys look like cousins to the original Star Trek Tribbles and they seem to share the same characteristics: small, soft, cute, irresistible, and appear to be highly prolific (bet you can't make just one).

I can't wait to see you new witch boots!

mieljolie said...

LOL! Yes, much like those Tribbles. That was my fave episode. But, thank heavens these Pygmy Puffs take just a little longer to multiply! :D

Thanks, Brenda, for stopping by!