Saturday, January 10, 2009

Geezer the House Elf Poppet

If you saw my blog post for the cornish pixie, you will kinda recognize this pattern. We got it from the Poppet-Along on It is a really great pattern that is very easy to follow. Anyway, we tried our hands at a House Elf after my partner in the Harry Potter Holiday Swap (Gallery) made me one out of the same pattern. Hers is sooo cute that my niece flipped and wanted one. So, mom told her mother we would give it a try. After waiting what seemed like an eternity for the eyes, our first house elf is finally finished.

So without further ado...***drum roll***...

GEEZER, the House Elf!!!

house elf jumping
At his favorite past time, jumping on the bed!

house elf by wardrobe
He has dishonored his family and is now banging his head on the wardrobe.

house elf in wardrobe

We used polar fleece fabric and a handkerchief for the tea towel.

We haven't finished the wings for the pixies, yet. Should be done, soon. Then, there are more pixies and another house elf planned for the near future.

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