Sunday, December 7, 2008

Harry Potter Holiday Swap Finished

I finally sent out my Harry Potter Holiday Swap package to my partner! (Click here to go directly to my creations.) I decided to recreate a few items that might be found in various Diagon Alley shops for the Harry Potter Swap I joined recently. I also created a custom Hogwarts letter for my partner asking her as McGonagall to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts.

all - part 1

all - part 2

Here's a list of the items with links:

A Sytherin Scarf from Quality Quidditch Supplies
A Mini Wand Set from Olivanders Wand Shop
A Puffskein with box from the Magical Manegery
A Blood Quill from Scribbulus Ink
Parchment from Flourish and Blotts
A Letter from Hogwarts
Some Assorted Dread Falls


Missy said...

I love this swap! LOL it's so cute! I love the raisins with the puffskein!

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are just amazing!