Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hogwart's Letter

I really wanted to make a Hogwart's letter for my craft swap partner. However, like myself, she is a bit older than wizarding school age. I decided to either make her a "continuing education student" or an instructor at the school. Well, I finally opted for the instructor for the Defense Against the Dark Arts, since there is now an opening for the position. :)

The letter is addressed from McGonagall, requesting that my partner accept the position. I printed it on some old resume paper I had and used an envelope I'd had left over from my high school graduation invites. Yes, I keep everything! I made the seal out of polymer clay and melted a red crayon for the wax. In this case a cheapo generic crayon worked best. It stuck to the paper better and had less oil in it.

hogwarts letter

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