Sunday, December 7, 2008

Acrylic Dread Falls

This is the last item I included in my Harry Potter swap. I was least impressed with this one. My partner had wisted some wool dread falls that were really nice looking, but having no wool available, I found a tutorial on making acrylic dreads. Lets just say, it really takes a lot of time to make these. And, I'm not really sure if my partner will actually even wear them. :)

These dread falls are made from acrylic yarn that has been brushed and mamed into dreads. You have to boil the dreads to get them to hold together. I experimented with many different things while making them. There aren't enough of the ones I made to really create the look. So, she will have to finish making more, herself. Hehe.

dread falls

I might eventually make my daughter some or make some for a future costume.


GypsyLaKat (Missy) said...

weird thing is, I was actually pondering whether or not you could make falls look right on the end of a chopstick.... I think you'd have to cut down the ends, but i've seen the directions for that- you just use a saw or a dremmel to cut it down and then use either the dremmel or a pencil sharpener to make the point and then sand it down so it's not sharp... *shrugs*

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

Sounds interesting. If you manage to make it work, I'd love to see pics.

The tut for the wool dread falls used an elastic hairband and 2 hair combs or clippies. You would attach the elastic around 2 ponytails or buns and place the combs inbetween them to create something like long bangs.