Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dolores Umbridge Blood Quill

Next item from the Harry Potter swap is one of my favorites. I made a blood quill from Scribbulus Ink. I made several of these out of a cheap pack of black feathers, some red ball-point pens and some string. Very easy project that is really fun to use.

I just removed the barrel of the pen, clip the end of the feather to the desired width and insert the pen into the feather. Then, wrapped some black string around to make a nice handle portion of the feather and added some silver string to the top and bottom for accent.

The box was made from a cereal box and painted/decorated.

blood quill

There is a funny story about this quill. My sister and her family were visiting and I showed them one of the quills. She slyly wrote on the back of her hand and then got our two 6year-olds' attentions. She started writing "I must not..." on some paper then grabbed her wrist and lifted back her sleeve. The two kids' eye went wide open in amazement. Hehe Then, one of them grabbed the quill and started writing on the same paper. She kept looking at her own hand to see if anything would appear. We were all rolling on the floor!

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