Saturday, September 8, 2012

Have you ever wondered?...

...Do you know?
Why a witch's' shoe has a curled up toe?


One day Miss Witch put on a shoe,
but there's one thing she failed to do.
She didn't peek inside that pump.
She didn't spy a creeping lump.

Instead she brushed upon her heel
a squishy feel that made her squeal.
For in her slipper, beneath her flipper,
she almost squashed a unseen nipper.

A spider with fangs and reflexes quick
and venom that makes one feel quite sick.
It's bite caused her a great surprise.
And, the toe it bit grew twice its size.

The toe, it turned five shades of blue,
and oozed with puss and smelly goo.
The spider faired no better, I'll say.
For two of its legs were sprained that day.

For weeks this pair of grumpy gimps,
Miss Witch and the spider, walked with limps.
But instead of arguing 'bout who's to blame,
Neither again would wind up lame.

Vowing her shoes would possess ample room
Miss Witch saved the future spiders from doom.
Because any witch will tell you clear,
it's not just your toes at stake, my dear.

And, now you, too, know why they chose
Those goofy shoes with the curled up toes.
But...What's up with those pointy hats?!
Think there's room in her belfry for bats?

by Mieljolie, ©2012

Finished painting a 2nd witch shoe from the batch I posted about way back here.  This spider themed one is for my sis.  I'm calling it "Spider Webs".  She had claimed it 2 years ago when I first posted about them.  But, even though the three shoes were almost finished then, I had set them aside for other projects.  It's taken a while, but I finally got around to putting the last touches on this one.  Well, maybe.  Just one last thing I'd like to do.  I want to find a spider to hang from the toe.  I will probably try to make one out of polymer clay.

This is one of my favorite shoe styles from what we've made so far.  I think I may make some more little loafers like this someday.

Just one more shoe from the set to finish.  It's the super tall one.  I probably won't have it finished for this Halloween, though.  But, the 9 year-old daughter also painted her first boot!  :) 

She helped us assemble a batch of the small boots, so I let her have one to paint however she wanted.  She was glad to shred paper strips and mix our paste, but I couldn't convince her to get her hands dirty sculpting.  Said she didn't like the feel of it.  Such a girly girl.  :)


And just so ya know, it says "Puka Ville", not "Puke Ville".  Tee hee.  She meant to write "pooka".  Those are little bunny-like pookas playing atop the heel.  The other side has some houses. I think it's going to be fun pulling this out when she's older. I should let her paint one each year. :)

These might be the last new witch shoes/boot you see for us this Halloween.  I may keep working on a larger boot, but I've got a lot on my plate right now.  Until next post, be craft-tastic!


Hullabuoy said...

Great shoe and love the poem! Your daughter also did a nice job on the painting!!!

Hullabuoy said...

took 6 tries to do the correct letters though-LOL

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Hullabuoy. I actually created two poem versions for this one. But, I think I'll save the other for another future shoe/boot. We thought this poem more fitting for my sis, whose been having invaders in her house that she fears to be brown recluse. It's extra important for her family to check their shoes these days.


Brenda, Domedweller said...

You are one talented lady! Among other things, I'm a retired school librarian and IMO your poem has all the makings of a child's Halloween book.

mieljolie said...

Ahh, Brenda, that's kind of you to say. I really like writing them. I'd love to see one of my poems as a children's book. I can just imaagine the illustration of poor Miss Witch's toe! Yikes! :o

Oddly enough, we actually have our own growing collection of 2nd hnad Halloween themed books from over the years. You don't find them very often.


Hopblogger said...

Hello Mieljolie,
I think that I will call you the Bootlady! Your boots are terrific.
Each one of your boots are masterpieces of art.
Many hugs, conny