Monday, November 28, 2011

More Monster Dolls and a Zombie Bunny

I'm really behind posting some of the crafts we've been making this year. For instance, long before Halloween, my mom had made some more monster dolls for my daughter. So Batsy has friends!

Meet the werewolf named "Wolfina" and a frankenstein-ish doll named "Victoria". They were made using Batsy's pattern that I created last Christmas.

Their polar fleece hair is removable via Velcro. So, all of them can exchange hair colors and styles along with their clothes. I wanted to put faces on both sides, so you could flip it over for a different expression. But, the daughter was too excited to start playing with them for me to sew them on.

We really need to get busy on some more clothes. The daughter has been helping. She made Wolfina a shirt out of a bright fuzzy red sock. She's also made a hat out of an old pocket (not pictured). Kids are so clever with upcycling. :)

To reward the daughter for making Principle's Honor Roll again, I also not so recently made her a Zombie Bunny.

It's inspired by a costume she dressed her pet in on Pet Society on Facebook. She has named this one "Stitchy Buttons".

We've got a couple other sewing projects around here that mom has put together. I'll try to dig them up. This is one trouble with making things for the daughter. She runs off with them, and I never get to take any pics. ;)

Until next time, HAPPY CRAFTING!!


The Cardboard Crafter said...

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I found your blog just browsing and just have to tell you I love your Zombie Bunny :)