Monday, November 14, 2011

Guessing Game: What Everyday Object Are These Made Out Of??: Steampunk'd Vampire, Werewolf and Zombie Bullets


Not just any protection will keep you safe against arcane or immortally cursed beings. You need to be armed with the right ammunition for the job. Whether it be Vampire, Werewolf or Zombie attack...or possible just your average time-traveling sky pirates...the true trick is to slow them down. That's right. You can't expect to kill the "magical" with normal mortal weapons. So, removing vital limbs is your next option. Our motto is "
What can't reach you can't feed on you".

Introducing a new line of defense ammunition for all your most unique needs.

Just listen to what customers are saying:

"Shoot, when I say these here 6mm Zombie e•LIMB•inator ® bullets are the BEST at stoppin' undead in their tracks, I ain't just tryin' to pull ya'lls leg. I'm fixin' to blow it clean off!" - John Doe, Ogden Marsh, IA

"I'ma gonna stick my neck out here ta say dat dust wud'a las ting dat bloodsuck'r bit afta gettin' to close ta my Stake•out Vampinators ®. I guess'n he plain fo'got jus wud wuz at stake, eh." - Mr. Zekial DeMawl, Bon Temps, LA

*Not available for sale in most areas

Want one of these bullets for your very own? :) Well, good news! I'm giving away not one...not two...but THREE of them! You could receive one just for guessing! Read on!

Awhile back, my man was making a Steampunk'd ammo belt hatband for his red leather hat, but it was looking pretty empty and sad without any bullets in it. We looked around for shells to use, but frankly, they were hard to find. And, what we found was kinda expensive, not to mention right down heavy for his hat. So, after running short on time for faire, I got to looking through my craft stash and came upon some everyday items that, when put together, made amazingly perfect bullets!

Just take a look at some necklaces I put together after I finish the simple ones for his hat:

I was pretty proud of my own cleverness on this. So I thought I'd share a quick and simple tutorial with all you empty ammo belt wearers out there. Now, at this point, you may be asking yourself, "So, where's this tutorial? I don't see a tutorial here." But, to make it fun, I have something else in mind first. Muhuwahaha!

Mich L. in L.A. has a regular "Guess the Mystery Thing" on her blog. She has such clever posts and pretty items. I thought it'd be fun to host a similar challenge and invite her to be on the other end of the challenge for a change. (I hope to stump her, as well.) ;) And, you're all invited to play, too! But, don't worry. This one is really easy. It shouldn't be tough for someone to guess it right off.

*******UPDATE 11/22/11*******
Voting has ended for this challenge.
View the reveal and winners here.

We're going to limit guesses to the two painted bullets at the top of this post. The first one is made in two parts like those in his hat. One part is the everyday item and the other is a common craft supply. Or, try to guess specifically what the second bullet is made out of. It is made in three parts.

You could win one of the bullet pendant pictured below (with the chain attached):

Now take a guess. For more of a challenge, don't be tempted to peek at the comment section til after you guess! You just need to take a stab at what objects the two bullets in the first image on this post are made of. You've probably already figured it out. But, please be specific, because the best (most accurate) answer wins (judged by my mom, my daughter, and me). Don't fret if you have no clue what it is. I'll also pick a random winner for one, as well.

THE RULES: Just comment with your guess. That's it! Oh, but be sure your email addy is in your profile or comment where I can find it to contact you. If I can't find it, I will chose a new winner.

And, while we're on this topic of the Mystery Thing Challenges, it's taken me an embarrassing long time to share an awesome item I won from Mich L. in L.A. Check out this really cool rubber grape ring. Yep, that's what I said. Rubber grape ring. I got it by participating in Mich's challenge here.

That's all for this post! Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK to those who play along!


Julia said...

They are made out of ball pens I guess :)
Just like these here, with different Tips.

my email:

great guessing game!

Michelle L. said...

Those are wicked beautiful! I love how elegant they are, while still being dangerous evil-killing missiles! I'm guessing lipstick tubes? But I'm not confident at all!

IrishPiratess said...

made from pens (lunar.spinner -at-

mieljolie said...

Come on, guys. There's still time for someone else to guess and win. Remember, there are at least two parts to these made with different things. And, please guess the part of the item used, as well.

I'll be running this challenge until either Wednesday, Nov. 23rd or until someone guesses both items and parts specifically.

Keep guessing!


Anonymous said...

Has to be empty pen tips.

Anonymous said...

Oh didn't see there were two. The one looks like a marker or highlighter cap.

The Cardboard Crafter said...

Ink pens and a bead with paint? Whatever you used, those look pretty awesome! I love the **ADVERTISEMENT** :)

The Cardboard Crafter said...

Okay, I didn't read your comment until after I commented... I recognized the end of a ballpoint pen (minus the ink part) and a bead, but not quite sure what the cylinder part was... Gold paint. Do tell how you did it!! :)

Crystal said...

I was thinking they look like a tampon applicator and a bead. They are really beautiful even though they are bullets!

Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore said...

Those are just too cool!!! What a fun idea!! I love the werewolf ones!

I would have to say plastic Bic ball-point pen caps and plastic beads!


mieljolie said...

The winners have been chosen! If you want to view the reveal and winners, click here.

Thanks to everyone for participating!