Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Slightly Strange Crafting Request: PLASTIC NET BAGS

As you may know, I like to reuse everyday discarded stuff in my costuming.  Right now I'm desperately looking for net produce bags?  Those brightly colored plastic net bags you get with various items at the grocery store (not just produce.)

I have a costume in mind for an event at the end of May.  Let's just say it's a sort of circusy theme. However, I didn't have enough of them.  I don't usually make requests on here.  But, if you have them or want to start keeping them for me, I'd really appreciate any I can get.  I'm always happy to trade for other craft supplies or tutorials.

And speaking of craft supply requests, thank you very much to those who have already saved stuff for me.  :)  Sometimes a project becomes a reality solely because of your generosity and thoughtfulness.  What I do wouldn't be possible with out you.  I truly appreciate that you think of me.

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