Sunday, September 23, 2012

Felt a Bit Like Cinderella Before the Ball!

I was fretting about not having a thing to wear to the Sky Commodore's Autumn Masquerade Ball the weekend before last.  I meant to have something spectacular finished way ahead of time, but of course life stepped in, and I was late working on the witch boots for this Halloween.  Really was excited to see Steam Powered Giraffe and our fav local band, Marquis of Vaudville, play again. 

So, this is the outfit I came up with with mostly stuff I had. Amazing what a few new pieces can do for a new look. Just goes to show you don't have to totally start from scratch for a new look, right?  Though most of it is made up of stuff I'd already made or found like the corset and underskirts, I managed to make a new tabistry hat to match my corset and sew a gold overskirt and sleeves. I'll discuss the hat more on my tabistry blog.

As for the overskirt, it is five panels gathered at the seam with an adjustable casing.  All the strings are hidden at the underside of the skirt under my corset.  I'm still not completely happy with it.  Being a crunch for time, I had to sacrifice in places.  I plan to go back and add a front panel, prehaps removalbe to change the color that will help to straighten it out at the front edges.  The gold drapey sleeve thing is just a tube of fabric pinned to the inside of the corset.  I wore a black tank under it and made some black removble sleeves out of tights.

This was my frst outing in a hoop skirt. We had aquired the hoop skirt with another larger one from, where else but, our local flea market (One for me and one for mom.).  We got them from a nice lady who used to have an awesome vintage clothing shop there. She has since moved to another larger flea market. She has some great stuff. I also found a pair of spats in her shop that are a wee too tight in the ankle for most of my shoes and a great metal chain belt I will have to wear one of these days. But, back to the hoop skirt. Not the best thing to dance in to the type of music we heard, and was a real trick to get in the car in. But, I survived without and traumatic mishaps or exposure.

Mr. Sam wore the top hat and vest we created for the Willy Wonka event earlier this year. The canes we have were also from back then.  I reworked the striped one I have from a wooden staff that had a giant skull on top.  You can't see in the pic, but I resculpted a smaller skull on the top with paperclay.  His cane was from the flea market.  The mask he wore was one he'd put together when he was working on his first top hat and steampunk outfit.

It was a great time as usual. Awesome show.  Well worth the effort I (didn't) put into a new outfit for it. We even got to chat briefly with Toby, the lead singer of MOV.  Great guy.


There were too many amazing costumes to count.  The crew of Airship Serenity was in full force that night.  There was a lot of steamy eye candy.

Though I've been tinkering and all round mucking them up, I must give Joseph Hernandez a member of Airship Serentiy the credit for shooting these photos. To our shagrin, we had yet again forgotten the old camera. I was sad because I really would like to have gotten some close up pics of all the hardwork my mom put into stylin my hair into a Victorian updo with ringlets. Using about a thousand bobby pins, she did a fantastic job that really set off my outfit.


Thaks for stopping in!  Pardon the pun, but hope you too are having a ball crafting! 

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Your dress is very pretty! I love it!