Friday, May 13, 2011

Pistachio Nut Shell Hair Falls for Daughter

The daughter and I made another pair of hair falls using our dyed pistachio shells. This pair is for her, but they ended up longer than mine. oops! :)

Here's a close up of some of our dyed shells in red, yellow and blue to look like flower petals and green for leaves. If I'd have planned better, I would have turned the last row of each group over. I think it would have made a better transition.

We knotted a simpler variation of what I did on mine (sans beads) at the top section. The lighting was playing tricks on me. The white yarn matched the shells until I got out into natural lighting.

After daughter was complaining about the difficulty she was having stringing the shells, I devised a makeshift needle threader that is just a piece of fishing line taped together at the ends. Instead of poking the yarn though the shells hole, we are now poking the threader into the hole after running the yarn through the loop. We're now able to string more than one shell on the yarn at a time and just slide the extras down to the end of the yarn to hang while we braid and tie the knots. Wish I'd have thought of this on the first pair. :)

These are so fun to make together while sitting around and such a great use for all the shells and scrap yarn I've accumulated, though I'm running out of dyed shells. I have mostly purple left. I experimented on some of the shells by dipping only a portion of the shells into purple dye. The red color bled up the shell making an interesting effect. I plan to use these for yet another pair of hair falls in the future. I'm sure you will see a few more pairs of these among other things before we are finished

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