Saturday, December 25, 2010

Homemade Holiday - Part Two

In my previous post I showed the dollhouse that our daughter received from her father made out of cardboard. Now, I'd like to show you the plush stuffy and accessories that I made her. It was a real challenge not to buy materials for this challenge.

If you have kids, she may look very familiar to some of you. My daughter's been wanting the vampire, "Draculaura", Monster High plush doll for some time now. I just couldn't see buying something I can make. So I attempted Draculaura's close cousin, which my daughter named "Batsy", and her pet "Batley".

She and her clothes are almost entirely made from remnant polar fleece I already had around. Even her hair is thin strips of fleece. I made her a two piece black dress, red dress, black coat, apron, and a spare skirt. Batley's body was made out of a pom pom with red button eyes and polar fleece covered chenille stem wings. (My daughter said the bat looks like the crystal bats from the Jim Henson movie "The Dark Crystal". I hadn't thought of that 'til she said it. :) )

Polar fleece is great to work with. It doesn't fray and my messy stitching doesn't show too badly. :) However, there is one thing about it that I could do without. That's the shedding. I had to take the lint brush to everything several time before I was finished.

Here hair is a removable wig that is velcro'ed to her head. I will probably make her a few different hairstyles/colors to mix and match with her clothes, in the future. She has button eyes and embroidered mouth and teeth. I even added some bite marks to her neck. The necklace was a wine bottle charm my sister had given me a long while ago. She thought it might come in handy for something, and it did!

The coffin was made of cereal and other cardboard boxes that were covered and painted. I added the remnant satin lining. The lid has a pocket for her accessories.

Well, that pretty much wraps up what we did for Christmas. Hope you've enjoyed taking a peak and are inspired to try this yourself next year. :) Happy Homemade Holidays!


Unknown said...

Oh , I loved this doll !! Awesome =D

mieljolie said...

Thanks, raioX!

I'm so relieved that my daughter loved the doll, too. :) She now wants more of them. :O


Chris Jeffery said...

Fans of vampire books and movies would surely love to have this adorable vampire doll. I can imagine hordes of vampire story fanatics holding this doll and dressing them to their liking. Hey, maybe you can make one that looks like Edward from Twilight or Stefan from the Vampire Diaries. Sounds cool, right?

mieljolie said...

Chris J., that would be a fun idea! However, our daughter isn't into boy dolls, yet. :( Perhaps that's a good thing. ;) We've since made a few diffrent monsters, that I've posted about, from our doll pattern, including a zombie girl, franken-girl, werewolf, and a zombie bunny. Daughter has also now made similar alien and goth girls. We're working on clothes for another that I havne't posted, yet. :)