Friday, March 26, 2010

WIP Reconstructed Skirt #2 Patchwork Flannel

Though I'm the model in the pics in this post, I'm actually making this one for my mom. I was goofing around with all the new clothing pieces and accessories I've been making.

This skirt started as a flannel patchwork skirt. It was odd that it was assembled in panels (gores?) instead of the usual tiers. I ripped the seams vertically between each panel up to just about the waistband. Below is a pic after I had ripped the seams. The skirt just wasn't very full and just hung kinda blah on us. To add extra fabric to this skirt, I needed to make the waistband stronger to hold the extra weight. The stretch in the band was deteriorating, as is common with thrift store finds. So, I had to add a drawstring, anyway.

I had originally planned to add some black fabric between the panels, but was inspired to make it brighter with the gold when I was digging through my fabric stash and happened upon the gold you see. It was an old roundish tablecloth, by the way. :)

The tablecloth was perfect! I had JUST enough left over to make a matching triangular hip scarf as you will see in some of the pics.

I mention it's a work in progress (WIP) because I would still like to add a black ruffle to the bottom for extra length. The hip scarf will also have black/burgundy trim and some embellishments. But, I'm wondering if the hip scarf will be too much gold. Maybe I should incorporate it into a choli top or something instead.

This is the second of many reconstructed skirts to come. The first was my black/tan cotton skirt that I posted in January. I have another patchwork flannel that mom is working into her pirate garb for faire. Hopefully, we'll have something to show on that one before mid April.

***** UPDATE *****

Mom finally wore her finished skirt to the faire. The black ruffle with red binding really helped to give it that final touch it needed. As we were heading in we ran into a lady wearing a strikingly similar patchwork skirt. :)

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