Friday, July 11, 2008

Ostrich Marionette

I was digging thru some old things that have been stored away and came across this little cutie. I made it back in high school when I had seen a large one somewhere. Mine stands only 5" tall. I need to replace the strings with something thinner. Hmm...maybe human hair would be thin enough. :)


Just thought I'd share it. Very easy to make. Just pom poms, yarn, google eyes, two sticks. I made clay feet and beak for weight. I think it might be painted paper clay of some kind, since I'm sure I hadn't heard of Sculpey at the time. I made the pom pom head out of yarn.


BonesInspired said...

hehe so cute!
duh dadada da dadada do the ostrich dance! :D

mieljolie said...

LOL, BonesInspired! Now, I can't help but picture him dancing to your sound effects. :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!


Skittles said...

Check this out! I really like your ostrich! Here it is dedicated to you: