Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mom's Bodice for Faire

NEW PIC from TRF!!

Can Tab Crown Hat and Bodice

At this point, I'm experimenting with more challenging projects. I found a local short-lived suppler of tabs and WAS rolling in them for awhile. Muhahaha! So, I started mom's bodice/corset. We wanted inexpensive, not so h/a outfits for the Scarby 2008 renaissance faire here in Texas.

Can Tab Crown Hat and Bodice

can tab corset front

can tab corset back

A close up of the hat after a few changes.

Can Tab Crown Hat

Here is a pic of the last fitting showing the straps.

can tab corset in process

I still plan to add some extra paintstick boning to straighten out the front. But, overall she was very pleased and comfortable at the faire.


Here is the post about TRF:

Post for the shoes:


Breakdown of costs:

Can Tabs = FREE
Jewels with rims on Hat = $2 ($1 per pack of 6 jewels at hobby storeclearance)
Gold shoelace on Hat= 30 cents a pair (eBay lot)
Lt. Green Leather Cord Lacing = $8 ($4 a cord at hobby store)
Yarn trim on Hat and Bodice = $2.50 (on clearance)
Nylon cord braided into yarn = 50 cents (clearance)
Dk Green Fleece = $1 ($3/yd.)
Green Scarf on shoulders = ? (I've had it forever)
White sheer shirt = ? (Mom's closet)
Dk Green Overskirt = $1 (Thrift store fabric)
Lt Green Slip Dress = $10 (Marshalls clearance)
Total = $25

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