Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jeudi Warrior Princess

After the belt projects, I played around with weaving sheets of tabs in various patterns coming up with, my favorite, the scale look. One triangle shaped piece jokingly became a can tab string bikini top, but you're crazy if you think I'm sharing that pic! The next project made out of can tabs was a hat for my daughter. She loves pink! As any 4 yr. old girl at the time would. I happened to find some pink fuzzy soft fleece fabric strips in the clearance at Hobby Lobby. So, we made the following hat:

soda can tab hat front

soda can tab hat back

It's surprisingly stretchy, light and comfortable. Of course, she just had to have a costume to wear with it. She was, and is, into Xena of all characters. Below are pics of our progress to the current costume.

can tab dress progress

As you can tell she was not pleased with this first attempt. It hung too far down at the neck, so I had to get creative.

Can Tab Dress with Hat - front 1

Can Tab Dress with Hat - back

Can Tab Dress with Hat - front 2

A much happier warrior princess!

And, here is the latest add-ons to her outfit that will hopefully be worn to TRF this year weather permitting.





We added a sword, whip, cape and a few other accessories she picked out. The whip is a whole other homemade project I will explain in a separate post.

Breakdown of cost:

Can tabs = FREE (technically, they made money cuz we recycled some of the cans)
Pink Fleece = $2 (large package of strips on clearance)
Belt for hanging weapons = $1 (thift store)
Sword = $1 (dollar store)
Green Dress = $17 (new)
Green/Black Cape = $1.50 (thrift store)
Whip = $2 ($1 each for bundle of green rope and duct tape, pencil was free)
Armbands/Jewels = $1 each arm (from clearance jewery finds)
Total = $25.50

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