Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pics at TRF

We just recently returned from our first weekend of TRF 2008. We had a blast in our can tab outfits. Eventhough I forgot about the camera most of the time we were there, we did manage to snapped a couple pics in the beautiful gardens.

Mom in her bodice, hat, and shoes:
soda tab bodice, hat and shoes

Seems she found a companion in scale maille. See the similarly?
mom in soda tab bodice

Me in my corset and new hat:
soda tab corset and hat

soda tab corset and hat


8 Richmonds & 2 Corgis said...

How did I ever miss this blog? I am so excited to see what you are making. I have been saving poptabs and tabs from fruit cans and I have about a large coffe-can-ful of each. I am can hardly wait to see your tutorials on your technique. I REALLY want to crochet a purse with pop tabs but haven't really found a good tutorial. Then as I kept reading I saw your post on finger knitting--which I am teaching my 7 year old daughter to do! How cool is that? Have you ever crocheted with plastic bags? I have tons and it's way fun--and a great way to recycle grocery bags. Can't wait to see more of your projects--everything you have made sofar has turned out beautifully! Thanks for posting and keep up the good work!
Marie Richmod

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

I really enjoy the finger knitting. Hope your daughter does. Never tried crocheting with "plarn", but have seen many really neat projects made with it. I first need to learn to crochet better. I want to try knitting on my loom with it. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoy my work. I'll be posting some new stuff within the week.

Urban Woodswalker said...

I have well over 12,000 silver tabs, and I also have colored tabs....around 1000 of those. I like to crochet the tabs together....I see you weave everything. I want to start using up s0ome of my tabs.

I wonder if you consciously chose to weave instead of crochet? I wonder if one gives a thicker "fabric" then the other. Also, I sure hope you sell a pattern for your mom's that would fit me better.

Love everything you do. So creative.

mieljolie said...

Hi UW! You lucky duck! Having 1000 colored tabs! I never seem to have enough colored ones to make much of anything. :)

I still have plans to practice my crochet skills. When I started working with the tabs, it just came naturally to weave them. Weaving can make a much stiffer piece. But, I really like the crochet n' tab look. I've seen some really delicate looking things.

I can try to put a pattern together for mom's corset. It was made quite some time ago and went through a few alterations, but I'll give it a try as I finish up the tutorial/patterns for the other two of mine.

Thanks so much for commenting!