Wednesday, June 25, 2008

12 plait Green Poly Whip

I created this for Jeudi's costume after seeing a how to video on on whip making. Very fun but time consuming project. But, I learned how to create 12 plait diamondback pattern and the anatomy/history of whips. :)


I used lime green poly rope (sorta like trash bag plastic) for the thong/fall/cracker, duct tape for the belly, and a pencil for a handle. As recommended (and to practice), I made two layers of braiding. The amazing part is that it actually cracks! How cool is that!

12 plait whip in progress

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Kylie said...

I know this was a post about the whip, but I'm so amazed at the little girl's outfit! That's ridiculously awesome and beautiful! I would wear that to a ren faire in a heartbeat! She's super lucky to have a crafter like you around.