Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My empire waist bodice

I pretty much used up most of my supply of tabs on mom's bodice, but wanted to wear something to the faire as well. So, I created a much shorter project for myself.

can tab bodice

And, the back while I was fitting it.

can tab bodice back

my can tab outfit

There is just something about dressing up to go to a ren faire that make it more fun!

Breakdown of costs:

Can Tabs = FREE
Dk Blue Velour = n/a (fabric from old jogging jacket)
Orange/Brown Braided Trim = ? ($4 for huge 20+ yard spool braided with leather)
Shoelace lacing on sides of bodice= 30 cents a pair (eBay lot)
Chemise = $1 (thrift store fabric)
Removable Over skirt and Sleeves = $1 (remnant clearance fabric)
Aqua-colored Jewel = ? ($2 for package of 10?)
Bottle cap setting for Jewel = FREE
Total = $2.30

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