Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mom Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Well, just like the title reads, my mom was complaining about not having comfy shoes to go with her outfit. So, I said, "Why not make some!" Out of can tabs, of course! One day later, here one is:

mom's shoe top

shoe side

mom's oufit with shoe

mom's can tab shoe right

Strange style for her outfit, I know, but they definitely fit her personality. :) She says they are comfortable, but we will have to field test that at TRF before a true judgement can be made. We need a louder bell, jewel, or charm for the toe.


As requested, here is a pattern for making a shoe like the one above. This is a simplified version. The original has a left and right side, but I altered it so it would be easier.

can tab shoe pattern
To join the two pieces, I tied the ends of the top and bottom toe point together. Then pulled a separate strips of fabric/cord between the two layers on each side of the shoe starting at the top most point. Pull the ends out of the first holes on either side of the top point. Then, start weaving into the next hole of the top layer down thru the bottom layer and then move over a hole on the bottom layer and up thru the same top hole. Then move over to the next top hole going down to the next hole in the bottom layer. Keep repeating this until you reach the last hole of the top layer. Be sure to alway go to a new hole on bottom and the same hole on top to get the curled toe.

When the toe is finished, continue around the shoe to soften the edge and make the opeing smaller. Next, with a new strip start joining the side to the bottom 'til you reach the back. I ran a strip of vertical tabs up the back to hold the two sides together. The last tab should stick up in the back where you could add a lace to tie them around your ankle.

I highly recommend lining the inside with soft fabric for extra cushion.

The illustration below shows how to create the staggered weave pattern needed to make the shoe.:
staggered can tab pattern


Elise said...

That is amazing! O.O

Elisabeth said...

I hopped over here from your post on craftster and just wanted to say WOW! Your mother and you and the little girl look absolutely beautiful in your creations! I have seen many things made with pop tabs (in fact my uncle just bought my auntie a purse made from them when he was in Brasil, and they were all fascinated with it...I will have to show them your pics!!), but none so classy as these. Great work, I am really impressed!! ^_^

Mariposa37 said...

I am looking for instructions for a clutch purse crocheted using can tabs. Do you have one, or can you tell me where to look? If so, please email me. I am really not a blogger--just stumbled in here on my search!

Tiffany said...

mariposa37, I sent you an email regarding the purse pattern. I don't crochet, but would be happy to whip up a pattern for a purse using the weaving pattern I use.

Tiffany said...

I happened across a crocheted purse tutorial. Not a clutch, but might get you started. Got to:

Joey said...

Wow! What cool looking stuff! I'm really impressed!

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously impressed with your skill at turning tabs into something wonderful, they all look amazing. Your mother kinda reminds me of a pearly queen, she looks so good in ur design.
Wonderful work!

Tiffany said...

Fiona McCrae, I'd never heard the term "Pearly Queen" before. I looked it up. Very interesting. Love some of those costumes.

I have now bestowed upon my mother the title "Her Majesty, the Canny Queen of Texas". Guess that makes me a princess, now. Yay! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow it takes a special woman to make clothing made out of can tops look so classy. She honestly does look lovely in her out fit.
Keep up the wonderful work, you have been such an inspriation to me today !!

Much peace

April Joy said...

I love the outfit. I'm incredibly sorry I missed seeing the shoe debut at TRF! That would definitely be the place to unveil them!

crochetgal said...

What a unique idea!! Wow! I never thought can tabs could be so versatile.