Monday, August 4, 2008

New Hats! And, future tutorial!

I've got 2 new hats to show off!

Just finished a topless for my Great Aunt Claudine made with yellow t-shirt scrap and multi-colored yarn.

claudine's can tab hat

The other is a sun hat made with blue and white fleece strips that was made by request for a fellow crafter on She's giving it as a gift to someone who collects hats. I tried some new techniques on this one. I figured out a way to weave muli-colored patterns (hard to see the music notes here) and a new way to attach the pieces together. Mom is modeling it til I can get some pics from the new owner.

can pull tab sun hat

can pull tab sun hat top

can pull tab sun hat

I'm currently working on a tutorial on creating tabistry and how to make a pop top hat. When it is finished I am sending it to for sale on their new site. I may also work on a "how to" video for them as well. So, in the near future, anyone interested will be able to get a copy from them to create their own.

It might be nice to have some others try the tutorial and proof it before I make it public. If you are interested in a FREE copy, let me know in a pm. All I would require is for you to fill out a quick survey, share some pics of your results or something like that..

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Linda P said...

Love the music notes. Your mom does a great job modeling!
Linda P