Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Knit Picking" or Pick Knitting

After trying the finger weaving, I started thinking about trying this knitting on other items. I found a pick and tried knitting on it. It was a little tight and the pick didn't have enough teeth for me.

pick knitting

So, I tried a fat comb. I really liked the results. I skipped every other tooth.

knit picking

Then, I tried other stitch combinations. Below are alternating rows of knit/purl, e wrap, rib, and seed..

alternating e wrap

rib seed


For my Halloween swap I used a metal dog comb to create a little pouch using cotton crochet string. I really like the texure of the pouch. Check it out here.

I also figured out a way to double-knit on this thing! It's really cool. Check out my double-knit here