Thursday, August 14, 2008

Adjustable Round Knitting Loom

I'm taking a short break from my can tabistry to share my new creation I'm rather proud of.

I've been try out some knitting with my daughter before she goes back to school. I came across a post on about finger weaving (I'll post some of our finger weaving soon). Anyway, since then, we've been doing a lot of experimenting with loom knitting. Being a thrifty person, I was playing around with things arounds our house like combs and pencils. Finally, I've come up with a great new adjustable loom for knitting.

Here is Jeudi modeling her new hat while displaying our loom. I ran out at 32 pens. Have to wait to make a hat for myself until I can get more.

hat and loom


Makes a great duck beak, too!!

I used BIC stick pens, small rubber bands, and beads. It separates anywhere along the pegs and can be laid flat. When ever I need, I can add/subtract pegs really easily. No extra looms to carry or fancy tools necessary. I love it because I can just roll it up yarn attached and all and stuff it in a bag for long car rides.

BIC loom parts


Before the adjustable BIC loom, I had tried a pencil loom. I tried tying string to each pencil, but it took too long to put together and I couldn't make it smaller as easy. I made 2 hat/scarf sets for Jeudi's dolls.
pencil loom


GypsyLaKat (Missy) said...

ACH that is awesome! I spent like 22 bucks back when I got my Knifty Knitter set! And I find that it's bulky and hard to get the results I want! I think I'm just going to make one of those!!!

Alison said...

wow that is amazing!!!!!! i am definitely going to try it out

Wesselyn said...

I was wondering if you can tell me how to make this loom? It would help me greatly to finish my projects that i have already started or even start on new ones. I love your work.