Friday, July 11, 2008

A Blog By Any Other Name...

...smells a heck of alot sweeter!

New name for the blog! Due to my lack of any creative mastery over my native English language, "Can Tab Craziness" as my sad attempt to describe the content of this site has been replaced. Now, thanks to gypsylakat at , whom I met in the forum, we have a much more clever name for what we do.

Now, to just start a guild and we are in business. Anyone interested in aprenticeship? Hehehe.


In other news, my mom has very recently been dubbed the Canny Queen of Tabs in the Texas Realm by "the locals" (being us) for her families' thriftiness and gallant efforts in recycling over 10,000 aluminum cans in the year 2008. :) Hey, we are proud! This honorary title will also go to gypsylakat for the state of Virginia, I believe, if she gets her bodice done and posts pics. Hehehe.

FYI: The idea of this is loosely based on the Pearly Kings and Queens of England started in the 1800's and their charitable efforts, which Fiona McCrae has made us aware of. If you would like to have yourself or someone you know bestowed a title such as this, please post their name, general location and reason for being chosen. As with the Pearlies, the number of tabs you wear is a direct representation of your status in our group.

(Of course, I'm making all this up as I go and have know idea what I'm talking about. lol)

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