Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The "Pointy Kitty"

We came across an adorable and fairly simple free sewing pattern for what is referred to as the "Pointy Kitty" from Hillary Lang with WeeWonderfuls.  Grandma gave it a try with some Halloween "BOO" printed fabric we had.  And, the daughter helped sew on the orange button eyes.    

She had a bit of trouble getting it to stand up because she didn't use enough stuffing in the legs.  If you try this pattern, be sure to stuff the body as tightly as you can, unless you want a lazy kitty. The head can get really heavy, so I'd go much lighter in the stuffing on it.


The daughter, bless her heart, decided to help it stand better.  She CUT it open and restuffed it better.  :o  This is why the legs are a bit knock-knee'd.  But, I'm proud of her for taking the initiative to fix it.

After the black one was finished, the daughter decided to give it a try with polar fleece.  She chose some bright red scrap and said it was much easier to work with.  She hand-sewed the entire thing, which, to me, is pretty impressive.  This cat is about 8" long, which isn't as small as the stuffies she has been making.  That is a lot of stitched! 


I believe this is actually the first pattern she has followed, too.  Her sewing book more or less just explains how to make things and you have to draw up the pieces yourself.  But, she did a great job reading it though this pattern to understand it before cutting/sewing.  Her red kitty stood up purrrfectly the first attempt.  ;)

In other news, Grandma is back to working on Pixies and House Elves by request.  She's busy assembling pieces.  We've got to get busy doing some eye experiements since we're having difficulty finding the ones we'd like to use.  But, I think I've got a solution that should work.  Wish me luck.!  I'll be posting more about some other sewing projects the daughter and I have been working on this summer in my next post.

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Lauren Simmonds said...

Would you be willing to share your house elf pattern? I'm obsessed with harry potter and love to sew and would just love to try this:)