Friday, August 17, 2012

BURN BABY BURN (A Boogie Bogie) - Paper Mache Pumpkin Pump available on Etsy

When the rays of the day were all gone,
Miss Witch let loose on the lawn.
In her new pumpkin pumps,
she jumped on a stump,
and boogied 'til the break of dawn.

But, her hell-raising romp was through,
when she had kicked off her left boogie shoe.
It flew to the east
hundreds of miles, at least.
Where it went, she never knew.

It was spotted on NASA's radar,
as it burned by the shining North star
An unexplained blip,
on a short little trip,
nearly causing a 3rd World War.

by mieljolie, © 2012

Getting jazzed up and into the Halloween spirit again!  Check out my new Witch Shoe on Etsy!  This one's kind a has a retro rockabilly meets disco flare to it.  It was a lot of fun.  I enjoyed the challenge of a new shape to work with.  I did something a bit different by opting not to put the moon on the toe this time.  Haven't abandoned the moons completely or anything, though.  Just trying new things.

So proud of myself for getting it done and listed in time for Halloween. It's only taken two years.  (Ack, so long!  Really sorry about how few I finished last year.)  But, honestly, I definitely find listing them to be the most stressful part. So many details to figure out. I hope I've done an adequate job, especially in displaying and describing it.  I'd rather play in the paper mache paste and paint.  :)

Anyhow, I'm working on a small boot with an unusual theme that will probably be done next.  Then, I hope to put some finishng touches on another shoe for my sis and then on to a medium or large boot that may or may not be up in time for Halloween 2012.  Wish me luck, inspiration...and a steady hand! 


Erika said...

Your Halloween slipper is awesome.

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Erika!

jenclair said...

A Witchy Imelda! Love it!

mieljolie said...

jenclair, of which Imelda do you speak? Marcos? Or, perhaps Imelda May? Love her music. :D