Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet Verotica Lake, the Zombie Doll

...the newest member of the daughter's Monster doll collection.  She's decomposing a bit.  The fish must have been nibbling on her before they retrieved her from the water.  Bet you didn't know that your stuffies have stuffed bones in them, did ya?!    ;) 

Daughter and I just finished up the last joint project before she goes back to school next week.  Verotica's missing eye and a head injury are hidden behind her hair in a style sorta inspired by the actress/model from the 40's, Veronica Lake. The doll was made using Batsy's pattern like the other monster dolls, that we've been making using polar fleece remnants.


Daughter drew out the plan for her before we started.   She wrote what colors the pieces were to be.  And, even drew up her maggot pet way up in the top let corner.  She also helped sew the face with button eye.

After we were finished with Verotica, daughter then made her a dress with a scrap of glow-in-the-dark skull/crossbone fabric and the maggot pet out of yarn. 

Daughter has been really busy making other stuffies this summer.  I posted about some back when summer started.  Here are some more she came up with after reading her "Super Cute" book. From Top Left to Bottom Right:

1.  "Gothy", the Gothic Bat Fish inspired by Pet Soceity on Facebook
2.  "Flo", the pooka inspired by Totoro
3.  "Peppy", an egg warmer from her book, which is sewn shut on the bottom
4.  "Hoo Dude", the mini voodoo doll,
5.   UFO (Unidentified Fluffy Object), a long alien cushion inspired by book
6.  "Sally", the Septapuss inspired by book
7.  "Stinker" a skunk petling baby inspired by Pet Society
8.  "Peach", a mini mascot inspired by book

While I'm busy working on Halloween decorations and costumes, I just thought I'd share some of these sewing projects.  Hope you've enjoyed seeing them.  Next, I hope I'll be posting about another witch BOO't.  But, if not I'll most likely be posting about some of Mr Sam's projects and hopefully some further progress on more pixies.  (Yes, the whole family has been busy crafting! Isn't it great!?!)  Until then, keep up the crafting, too!

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