Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharing Our "Hufflepuff Love" with YOU!!

If you've been over to my Facebook page, you'll know that the Daughter and I entered Not Literally's "I ♥ Hufflepuffs" Photo Contest.  Their getting ready to announce the debut of their new Hufflepuff Music Video and are celebrating with a bunch of giveaways and contests.  We're receiving SO many likes on the image above that we entered. Thought we'd share the love with all of you.  First off, here's a list of captions we'd considered putting on the poster.  It was a tough call, but we decided to go simple.  :)

HUFFLE'D PUFFS PHOTO Alternate captions:
1. Don't badger me til I've enjoyed my HUFFLE'D PUFFS!!
2. Mornings can't help but start better with Huffle'd Puffs
3. HUFFLE'D PUFFS - Grab'em before they get away!

And my personal fave:
4. 210% more MAGICALLY DELICIOUS than the leading brand of Leprechaun made Breakfast Cereal.

And, you guys were so very kind that I  wanted to thank everyone who voted for us by offering you a Huffle'd Puff of your very own (those little puffs running for their lives in the pic).  First come first serve 'til we run out of 'em!  Just email me your addy where you want one sent, and I'll get one out to ya (my email is in my profile).

Plus, if you like, feel free to print out the cereal box cover image to make you own Huffle'd Puffs box complete with nutrition info.  One side of the box reads, "They're GR*R*REAT!", while the other reads, "They're M*M*MAGIC!".

If you haven't been over there yet, come check out the entries and support your favorites.  Voting will continue to be open 'til June 30th!  (I think your allowed to "like" vote more than one.)  Come share the love, too!

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