Thursday, June 7, 2012

Custom Flask Holsters

Check out the new flask holster:

The same camp mate from our GSC who supplied the color copies for the banners that I shared in the last post about Flipside, a regional burn in Texas, also decided to gift our camp members each their own hip flasks.  When he mentioned his plan to me, I thought it was a great idea.  Sounded fitting.  I mean, we're gonna need something to transport our personal supply of the multitude of yummy liquor concoctions around with us while off adventuring.  But, he almost nixed the idea when it was found to be too costly to have the flasks engraved or otherwise personalized for the camp.

I thought...hmmm...the Mod Podge transferring was so much fun. Let's try some flask holsters with some smaller images on the front!  Working with what I had on hand, a couple more color copies and a little help from the family we assembled 25 of these, which cost about $1 each in supplies to make.  After punching lots of hole; attaching a few strips of elastic band with a handful of rivets, staining with shoe polish; and sewing the backs on, we have these:

To wear it, the holster slides onto a belt through the slits on the back.  The flask slips in/out pretty easily when needed.  Though, when these were passed out at camp, I noticed that many of our camp mates have exceptionally wide belts that they ended up just sliding between the flask and leather backing of the holster.  One member even slipped her phone in front of the flask.  Cleverly inventive gypsies!

I went through a few different prototypes before I was satisfied.  My original design was all one piece folded around the bottom of the flask with lacing on the sides.   I'd also intended to use some scrap canvas instead of the leather as you can see the start of here:

But, the leather and elastic looked and functioned much better.  And, surprisingly, the image transferred much cleaner, too.  The transferred image seems to be staying on the leather quite well.  I made a sample and put it through some abuse with water and stretching.  It held up great.  But, we'll have to wait and see how well they hold up over time and heavy use. But, they seem like they'll do just fine.  Who knew transferring with Mod Podge actually worked really well on leather!  How cool! 

The best part was that our camp members seemed very please with their gifts.  And that made me a "happy camper".  :)    Next up, I should be posting about making your own inexpensive goggles out of stuff from around the house.  Should be interesting to the DIY steampunk'er in some of us, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind letting me know how the leather is holding up with the mod podge on it?? I'm planning to do a project with paper transfers on leather as well! Thanks!

mieljolie said...

Ours have been holding up great. Just be sure to seal the leather one both sides if it will get wet. Leather is absorbent. We had one that had something dark spilled on it that absorbed through the back dying it darker.

Good luck on your project!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!