Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've entered yet another Craftster Challenge - Please vote!

I'm determined to win a cool Craftster t-shirt.  Plus, Elmer's is providing $50 worth of supplies as an additional prize!  So, if you'd like to help me, please help me out and go put in a vote for me here (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=408007.0).  Who knows, if I won, I might just be using the supplies to make you something someday.  (nudge, nudge, wink, wink...)  Or, if there's enough interest, I could have another giveaway, this time for a paper hat...if I win.  ;)

I've copied and pasted the submission below:


For my paper challenge entry I give you an "upcycled" red riding hat made mostly of cereal box cardboard and tissue paper.

Even the decorations are mostly crepe and tissue paper, minus the couple of earring embellishments, the feathers and the veil (This veil is made from those net bags you get on produce at the grocery store.  I think these red ones are from Lychee at the Vietnamese Store.).

I made this cereal box cardboard hat as a pattern back when we were trying to work out the black leather version here.  But, I'd been wanting to go ahead and work it into a hat of it's own ever since.  It's just been sitting in my craft room in pieces for ages.  So, this challenge has motivated me to pick it up and put it together.

Being a paper challenge, I tried to use mostly paper.  This is why I covered the whole thing in wrinkled red tissue, which gives a nice leathery texture to the surface what you cover.  We have a LOT of red tissue from many a Christmas gift from the past.

I used a few other product to finish the hat, as well.  I painted over the tissue with red acrylic craft paint and then stained the red with a dark brown shoe polish from Kiwi.  I'm beginning to favor this stuff over acrylic paint as a stain.  It's a nice color, goes one easy and has a pleasant smell, too.

I must say, I was excited when I read Elmer's was sponsoring this challenge.  How fitting that I glue the whole thing together with my daughter's Elmer's school glue she brought back for the summer break.  I adore Elmer's white glue.  At our house, we use it for so many purposes.  Smiley  (Thank you, Elmer's, for helping make us successful on so many projects throughout the years.)  This year we got the daughter the newer clear school glue.  I tried the clear glue to apply the tissue to the bare cereal box cardboard.  It worked great.  It's not really tacky and dries fairly slow, so the paper can be pushed around and doesn't stick too badly to your hands.

The flowers in back and cockade in the front were fun to make.  I experimented with different flower techniques I found online.  That's why none of the flowers are the same.  Most are made from crepe paper.  Though the carnations are the easiest/quickest of these flowers to make, I like how the far right one turned out, which is made from a thinner cardboard from a saltine cracker box.

So, whatcha think?  Do I have a chance?  :)  Thanks for looking! Now, go vote, please!  I really appreciate the effort!


Leah said...

Your hat is Marvelous!! I absolutely LOVE red it makes a superb hat! And what an amazing job you have done with some glue and cereal boxes. Simple amazing. I voted for you! Good luck, I really hope you win so you can make even more cool things with some white Elmer's glue! I always get excited when your blog comes up in my blog roll, I am always amazed at your new creations.

mieljolie said...

That's so kind of you, Leah! Glad you're enjoying my blog. It's a real joy to me when people take time to comment. Let's me know the time I take to share is being appreciated. Not that it would matter. I'd still make and post stuff, but it just makes it that little bit more rewarding. :)

And, thanks very very much for voting! Every vote will help.

PrincessinAZ76 said...

I tried to vote for you too, but Im apparently too late. It appears you won though! Congrats!! You're so creative!

mieljolie said...

Thanks, Princess! I appreciate your attempt all the same. :) I actually visited the Craftster site this morning to get the end time of the contest to post a reminder when I noticed it had closed, as well. I hadn't realized it closed this morning. So excited to have won, though! YIPPEE!!! Great news to start the day! I'm going to have to host another giveaway soon to celebrate. :)